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Why a car accident lawyer is necessary after an accident?13 Jun 2019

Car Accident Victims Benefits From Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys

A person has no legal requirement to obtain legal representation after having a vehicle accident. It may be necessary if they want to receive fair compensation for their losses. Most victims of such accidents are not legal experts. They will need help navigating the legal world and court system to succeed with their claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know what is necessary in each case for accident victims to achieve their desired legal goals for their claim.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies
When someone is involved in a vehicle accident, they will have to deal with insurance companies. These are businesses and will do their to pay as little as possible for each claim made against them. When someone without any knowledge of negotiating with insurance companies attempts to get fair compensation from them, they usually end up frustrated and angry. A successful personal injury attorney will have extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of clients. They will know when it is time to refuse an offer from an insurance company and when an offer is worth accepting. They will also know when filing a lawsuit is an accident victim’s option.

Determine Value Of Claim
Most accident victims are not aware of the true value of their claim. It is possible they aren’t aware of the extent of their injuries or how these injuries could impact their future ability to work, health and more. A personal injury attorney will have knowledge of all applicable state statutes as well as case law. They will know how the insurance claims process operates in their jurisdiction. Personal injury attorneys can accurately calculate a fair value for an accident victim’s claim. This will include compensation for economic, non-economic as well as punitive damages.

Protecting Accident Victim Rights
One of the most important things a personal injury attorney provides is knowledge on how to protect an accident victim’s legal rights. During the insurance claims process, an insurance company may attempt to record an accident victim’s statement. Their goal will be to get the accident victim to say something that would invalidate their claim. It could also be used to minimize the responsibility of an at-fault party. An accident victim should speak with an attorney prior to making any statement to their insurance company. A personal injury attorney should also be consulted prior to signing any documents provided by an insurance company.

Deal With Creditors
It is common for an accident victim to be unable to work for a period of time after their accident. This could cause them to experience significant financial disruption. It is also possible they may not be able to work but have their financial obligations increase. Many creditors will understand the situation if they are informed of what is going to happen in advance. A personal injury attorney can contact an accident victim’s creditor if a situation makes it necessary. They can agree to pay the accident victim’s creditors out of any type of settlement proceeds.

Health Insurance
Should an accident victim not have a way to pay for their medical treatment, it could be a serious struggle for them to get the care they need. A personal injury attorney will usually work with a large network of physicians and different types of treatment professionals. They will understand the accident victim’s situation. It is possible for them to only ask for payment once an insurance settlement has been paid to the accident victim.

When the victim of a car accident has an attorney represent their case, they are able to obtain the highest amount of compensation permitted by law. A personal injury attorney can also relieve the significant amount of stress and tension associated with the road to recovery. They can help deal with an accident victim’s creditors, insurance companies as well as obtaining fair compensation and more.

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