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Who Needs To Hire A Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer?6 Oct 2019

There are many different types of attorneys people may need at some point in their lives. If you find yourself being convicted of a crime, you will need to hire the help of a Philadelphia criminal lawyer. Criminal defense attorneys are a specific type of lawyer who will defend a client in a court of law that has been criminally charged for an incident. While many criminal lawyers can help with all types of cases, some will specialize in certain areas of law. For example, some lawyers may help defend those charged with murder, and other criminal defense lawyers will specialize in theft crimes.

Responsibilities of Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers

There are several responsibilities criminal lawyers will handle for their clients, both inside and outside of the courts. Some of the tasks they help with include:

•Reviewing Case With Client

Whether your lawyer is a public defender or works independently at a law firm, they will first sit-down with their clients and go through the details of the case. Oftentimes, this will happen during an initial consultation or interview process. The lawyer will ask their clients relevant questions regarding the case and gather the information that may be used to formulate a defense. During this time, clients need to answer any questions their lawyer might have as truthfully as they can.

•Case Investigations

Interviewing the client is the tip of the iceberg for the lawyer. They must conduct extensive investigations with witnesses, police officers and experts. The lawyer must also take time to review the case the prosecution has drawn up. Before a trial can begin, the prosecution has a legal obligation to submit their case to the Defense for review. This allows the client’s lawyer to formulate a case against any accusations being made.

•Go Through Evidence

Once a client’s Philadelphia criminal lawyer gathers all police statements and witnesses, they will need to fully review all evidence involved in the criminal case. While reviewing each piece of evidence, they will have to determine how it will affect their client’s trial and each juror’s perception of the case.

•Jury Selection

A criminal lawyer has a huge role in the interviewing process of jury members. Each potential juror will have to be interviewed by the attorney to determine if they have a bias against their defendant. Selecting the right jurors is crucial to increase a client’s chances of having a successful outcome during the trial.

•Plea Bargaining For Their Client

During certain circumstances, criminal lawyers can get leniency from the prosecution for their clients in exchange for an admission of guilt and cooperation. This process is referred to as plea bargaining, and it’s done by the lawyers on both sides. A Philadelphia criminal lawyer will go into a plea bargaining process to try and get less prison time, smaller fines or reduced sentences for their clients.

Who Needs To Hire A Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer?

It is recommended that anyone who has been charged with a crime hire the help of a reputable criminal lawyer. Any type of misdemeanor or felony crime can result in harsh punishments. Punishments can include prison time, heavy fines and hits to your reputation. Some clients may even find themselves losing their jobs over a criminal charge.

Find A Reputable Criminal Attorney

Experienced criminal lawyers know all of the laws regarding criminal acts and will be your defense against the prosecution. Whether you are charged with a sexual assault, drug possession or murder, you will want a professional and experienced lawyer by your side. They will work diligently to fight for your rights and get you the possible outcome of your case.

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