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How VOIP phone systems can help law firms3 Aug 2017

Communication is vital in any law firm. Lawyers frequently communicate with their clients, witnesses, judges, other lawyers, and parties of interest during the course of their very busy work day. It’s essential that a firm be equipped with the latest in communications technology. Puzzling as it is, not every firm has converted over to VOIP phone systems. As you’ll see, this is a true puzzle due to the amazing features of the VOIP system. It’s simple enough to set up in a brief period of time but complex enough to drive a law firm to its highest level of productivity.

What’s to love about VOIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, is a fairly recent improvement in communications technology. Instead of using traditional phone lines, VOIP systems use an Internet connection to complete their calls. The result is better voice quality, more mobile communications systems, and an office full of happy lawyers. Being able to hear the clients they help on a daily basis is definitely a blessing to any lawyer. Spotty connections won’t do. VOIP systems aren’t just there and crystal clear, but they can always be improved upon thanks to frequent updates. The technology keeps up with the improvements of modern communications without lagging behind like traditional phone lines.

Mobility is another thing that law offices desperately need in their communications products. Since VOIP makes its calls via Internet, it’s nice to know that whenever a lawyer in a firm has to travel, they can always take their VOIP connection with them via laptop or another computer. More often than not, lawyers are a mobile group. It means being able to be available to clients on a 24-7 basis no matter where you are at in the world.

The features of VOIP are much more robust than anything you’ll find on a traditional phone line. Video is one of the perks of having a VOIP phone system. You’re not going to need to stock the office with a set of expensive video phones. VOIP goes with lawyers wherever they go. Not only this, but you can bet on a much more reliable connection than you’re going to get with a traditional phone line.

Trying out VOIP for free

If your law firm is interested in seeing what a VOIP connection has to offer, many services are absolutely free. Don’t believe that a free service is going to give you everything VOIP has to offer, though. Setting up a service like this and letting your team try it out is just the beginning. If you like the way the service works, then you’re going to LOVE what the full VOIP paid services have to offer. Or if you’re a particularly price-conscious law firm, then you’ll appreciate that sometimes even a free VOIP service is going to accomplish the things you want to do with your legal firm.

VOIP is not just the wave of the future. It has been estbalished for quite some time and has performed remarkably well in many thousands of legal firms across the world. If a firm hasn’t heard of VOIP, they really need to become better acquainted with its charms. It is one of the phone services to be found anywhere in the world and it can transform your office into a more efficient firm, as well as save you plenty of money over the course of the year.

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