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Vehicle Code Crimes21 Jul 2016

Vehicle Code Crimes

A speeding ticket or other traffic offense might not seem very important, but if they are not taken care of promptly, a simple traffic ticket can turn into a major problem. Many people take the attitude that if you ignore it, the police will forget and the problem will just go away. If you receive a speeding ticket or ticket for another traffic offense you need to deal with it right away to keep the problem from getting worse.

Some of the vehicle code crimes involve traffic offenses like speeding, reckless driving, not stopping for a school bus, leaving the scene of an accident, improper lane change, failing to obey a stop sign or a railroad crossing violation. These are just a few of the vehicle code violations you may be cited for. A few others involve activities like driving with improper plates or tailgating.

Taking the attitude of arguing with the police officer about the offense or tearing up the ticket and throwing it on the ground does not make the charge go away. Still others feel that if they can outrun the police and avoid a ticket. This only ends up in having additional charges like alluding(a much more serious offense)added against you. Once a ticket is written by the officer, it is a legal charge and must be dealt with according to the vehicle code.

Certain vehicle code crimes such as driving on a suspended license can result in an arrest in New York City. Whether it is considered a misdemeanor or a felony crime is determined by what the license was suspended for and how many suspensions you have. You may face charges that would require mandatory jail time.

If the charges you face from vehicle code crimes require that you go to court, having an attorney represent you can help you maneuver through the legal process, but it is important to contact an attorney right away after being charged in order to allow the attorney to have the chance of helping you.

If you find yourself facing charges from traffic citations, contact an attorney immediately. The attorney’s at Raiser and Kenniff, PC have more than 30 years of combined legal experience practicing law in New York City dealing with vehicle code crimes and other areas of the law. They know the laws and what you can and can’t be charged with as well as what the law requires and ways to reduce the penalty.

They have built a reputation within the New York City judicial community and surrounding area for being a professional and ethical law office, garnering a great deal of respect among fellow attorney’s and judges alike.

By contacting an attorney with Raiser and Kenniff immediately after being charged, you have a better chance of having the charges reduced or possibly removed. At the very least, your attorney can help you through the process and explain what your options are and what decisions you need to make when you’re in front of a judge.

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