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Queens Vicodin Possession Lawyers31 Jan 2019

Vicodin is considered an addictive drug in Queens. If you are found to be in possession of the drug at any time, then you can be charged and ordered to appear in court. If you are convicted of Vicodin possession, then you could spend several years in prison and have to pay significant fines. The length of time that you would have to spend in prison will be determined by a variety of factors including your criminal background, whether you’ve been charged with possession in the past, and if there were other items with you at the time. If there were children with you or you were in a school zone while having Vicodin in your possession, then your sentence could be more severe than if you were in your vehicle on another piece of property. Your license could be suspended, and your assets could be seized according to the statues that are set forth by the law. Keep in mind that your exact punishment will depend on a variety of factors instead of only one or two components. An attorney can fight in your defense to try to keep you from spending the maximum time in prison and to keep you from paying the maximum fines. Your attorney can also help to keep your assets as well by presenting evidence to the court that would suggest that you might not have had the drug in your possession.

When you take Vicodin, it blocks the pain receptors in your brain. This is one of the reasons as to why it’s such a popular drug to have. Some people know it as hydrocodone. You can get addicted to Vicodin in a short time and discover that you rely on the drug to give you a euphoric feeling. It takes all of the pain that you have away so that you can focus on everything from working to spending time with your friends and family. As your tolerance builds to the impacts of the drug on your body, you will need to have more of the drug to get the same feeling that only one or two pills gave.

Since doctors are learning more about how people are using the drug for personal gain instead of using it as it’s prescribed, many doctors are prescribing fewer pills so that the person doesn’t get addicted as easily. If you find that it’s hard to stop using the drug, then you might resort to illegal acts to secure more pills. Keep in mind that possessing Vicodin in a legal manner as long as you have proof that of a prescription likely won’t result in a possession charge. It’s when you are in possession of a large number of pills without a prescription that you would be charged in Queens. If you are caught doing something illegal to get more Vicodin pills, such as stealing from another person or using a weapon to get more of the drug from another person, then your possession charge will likely include more details that could result in a longer prison sentence and higher fines.

Some of the other charges that you could receive include distribution or an intent to distribute. If you’re found with paraphernalia that could indicate that you plan to sell or distribute Vicodin to another person, then your charges could be a felony. In most cases, Vicodin possession can involve the federal government as it’s often considered a controlled substance. Sometimes, you could be charged with a DUI if you are driving while using Vicodin or while you have the drug in your possession in the vehicle and the officer believes that you are under the influence.

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