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Queens Prostitution Lawyer30 Jan 2019

Some individuals have the wrong perception that prostitution is somehow lawful in the state of New York. New York City in particular has plenty of different types of characters and an interesting vibe about it, but it does not permit the practice of prostitution. There are still strict laws against this, and anyone who is caught engaging in this act can face serious penalties.

As of the time of this writing the only state that permits prostitution as a legal form of commerce is Nevada. However, it should be noted that even in Nevada there are restrictions. For example, the entire city of Las Vegas still does not permit the practice despite popular misconception. Thus, you have to be careful with what you think you know about state laws when you are not actually from the area. What you don’t know could get you into a lot of trouble.

Prostitutions And Their Patrons

It is possible to get in trouble for prostitution in New York regardless of if you are offering sexual services for money or if you are attempting to pay for those services. Either circumstance can lead you to end up in trouble with the law. It is never a good idea to assume that you are safe in either case.

Offering money for someone to engage in any sexual act with you is considered to be patronizing a prostitute even if the individual you are speaking with is not someone who does that kind of thing. You have to be careful to stay within the law.

No Definition Of Sexual Conduct

The state of New York does not actually define what sexual activity is in the prostitution statutes that it has on the books at the moment. Courts in the state have used this to create a very broad definition of sexual contact in prostitution cases. There have even be situations in which the conduct in question involved both individuals being fully clothed.

It is up to the various judges that review these cases to decide what is and is not prostitution and sexual contact. They have a lot of room to define what they see as prostitution, so it stands to reason that a lot of people could end up prosecuted under these laws.


There are guidelines for judges related to penalties. Some of these are laid out by They state the following:

  • Prostitution: Class B Misdemeanor With Up To 3 Months In Jail
  • Patronizing A Prostitute: Class A Misdemeanor With Up To 1 Year In Prison
  • Promoting Prostitution: Class A Misdemeanor Up To 1 Year In Prison

Other crimes and penalties in the realm exist as well. They go all the way up to those who commit human trafficking offenses, and those charges are extremely serious and can end up with a person in prison for a period of time that can last decades. That is something that can stem from all of this.

A Lawyer Can Sort The Facts Out

Given that definitions of prostitution can be so broad at times, it only makes sense that a reasonable person would want to defend themselves in court to the of their ability. One way to do exactly that is to get an attorney who knows what he or she is doing. There are plenty of them around, and many of them work in this particular area of the law. They understand that people can get themselves into unexpected predicaments, and they are not there to judge you.

Your attorney is your greatest advocate as you battle against charges that have been levied against you. Considering the harm that these charges can have on you simply from a public relations prospective it is important to get an attorney who can work on these things for you right from the start. He or she can begin to move the process in your favor in ways that you did not expect or realize were possible. That is what you can thank them for as you work your way through this very difficult to process situation. It will work out as it is supposed to in the end.

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