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Queens Promoting Prostitution Lawyer30 Jan 2019

Queens Promoting Prostitution Lawyer
People getting charged with promoting prostitution and prostitution in general is a fairly common charge. You have three potential scenarios when someone gets charged with promoting prostitution, and you have three different degrees for the charge. If you get charged in the third degree, you have knowingly profited off of it, and you have an enterprise of two or more prostitutes. You could also be charged if you operated a travel agency that had the sole purpose of promoting prostitution. Finally, you could get a third-degree charge if you profit off a prostitute under the age of 19. You could spend up to seven years behind bars. The mandatory minimum is four years.

What is a Second Degree Promoting Prostitution Charge?

Let’s say that the courts charge you with second-degree promoting of prostitution. What could happen in this scenario? This happens if you have forced another individual to perform sexual acts related to prostitution using coercion or intimidation. Whenever you take advances or profits from another person doing prostitution, you could get this charge if you intimidated or coerced them into it. Finally, you could get charged with second-degree promoting of prostitution if you have made a profit from forcing someone to be a prostitute under the age of 16. You could face up to 15 years in the penitentiary, but you will have a mandatory serving of six years.

First-degree promoting of prostitution is the most serious charge, and under New York law, you have committed first-degree promoting of prostitution if you have profited off taking advances from someone forced into prostitution under the age of 11. New York courts don’t look kindly on this charge, and you could face 25 years, but you will have to serve a mandatory six years.

Facing Serious Charges? You Need a Lawyer

If you allegedly committed this crime, you should seek legal assistance without hesitation. These are serious charges, and you could be facing a lot of time behind bars if found guilty. Having an experienced attorney on your side who will defend your rights and negotiate on your behalf is one of the things that you could do. While patronizing prostitutes could qualify as a misdemeanor under some circumstances, the promotion of prostitution comes with very serious consequences, and you must take it seriously or risk getting sentenced harshly later.

Much Depends on Severity of the Charge

A great deal will depend on the severity of the charge. Under New York law, the severity of the charge will depend on a few different factors. First, it depends on how many prostitutes were involved in the case. The more prostitutes who were working under the individual, the more serious charges that they could be facing. Second, it depends on if the individual used force or coercion against the prostitute. This could be viewed negatively by the courts if they found that the individual tried to force the person into prostitution. Finally, the severity of the crime will depend on the age of the prostitutes who were under you. If the New York courts see that you were promoting the prostitution of minors, you will most likely receive little mercy from the courts or the judge. You need sound legal advice that can defend your constitutional rights. Under the constitution of the United States of America, you are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Having a good attorney ensures that you can do whatever possible to fight these charges.

Speaking with an attorney as soon as possible is one of the most important steps. Don’t wait too long to get legal assistance. You want to have an attorney who can snap into legal action immediately. Here at our law office, we handle these cases with care, and we have a team of qualified attorneys who are prepared to assist you with your case. We can provide you with a free consultation, and we will give legal advice tailored to fit your individual needs. In New York, state law doesn’t focus on the individual who commits the sex acts, but it pays more attention to those responsible for organizing them, and these charges are more serious.

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