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Queens Medicaid Fraud Lawyer30 Jan 2019

How A Queens Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Operates
It is possible that you may have been wrongfully charged for Medicaid fraud. However, even if this is the case, you are still going to have to find a good lawyer to defend you. Before searching for a Medicaid fraud attorney, it may good for you to know just what a Medicaid fraud attorney does in this type of situation.

In this type of situation, a well-seasoned Medicaid fraud attorney search through all of your Medicaid records. He/she will find out the very first day you started using Medicaid, regardless of how long ago this took place. The attorney will then track down every transaction that was ever made with your Medicaid card and account. This will reference all simple trips to your family doctor and also visits to the emergency room. These records will help your attorney put a timeline together that will plead your innocence.

The next thing an attorney in this field will do is gather together a set of character witnesses. This may be one of your parents, friends, co-workers, other family members, and more. The role of these individuals will be to testify that you have never committed fraud in the length of time in which they have known you. The attorney may have to interview over 50 people to put together a comfortable character witness group, but it will be totally worth it in the end.

Moving forward, a Medicaid fraud attorney will then prepare a defense. This defense will highlight the main reasons why you are not guilty of this crime. The defense will also convince a judge and/or jury that you are completely innocent. This type of defense will involve a lot of case law, but it will also involve the attorney speaking to the judge and the judge and using words to trigger your innocence in their brains.

A good Medicaid fraud attorney will also keep you out of jail until your trial. Not only will this keep you safe, but it will also allow you to work one-on-one with the attorney without any type of visiting hour hindrance. Furthermore, you will have more peace in your mind if you are out of jail, and this will allow you to focus more on your defense. In addition to keeping you out of jail, the attorney will also have to file paperwork in a timely manner. This will include, motions, petitions, replies to motions and petitions, and appeals. All of this paperwork will have to be filed before a certain and day and before a certain time within that day, and a good attorney will be on top of it. A good attorney will also charge you a flat rate, regardless of how much paperwork is filed with the courts. Some attorneys may even represent you on a charity basis.

One more thing a good Medicaid fraud attorney will do is let you say your side to the media. This may be on the radio or on the news, and the attorney will tell you exactly what to say. This will allow the local area to see your innocence, and this will also get the word around that you are a good person and have even gone to the extent of putting your business out on the street so that people know your personality.

If you look for the traits listed here, it will not be hard at all to find a Medicaid fraud lawyer. Talking to close relatives about your situation is always a first good step. You never know if any of your relatives have ever used this type of attorney in the past.

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