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Queens Cocaine Possession Lawyers30 Jan 2019

Cocaine is perhaps one of the most dangerous drugs that you could have in your possession and could result in severe consequences with the criminal justice system. If you have been charged with cocaine possession in Queens, an attorney can examine the evidence that is against you and determine if you were legally searched and if you were the one who was truly in possession of the drug. The charge that you receive will usually be based on the weight of the cocaine and any other items that you have with the substance. If you have less than a gram of the drug in your possession, then your charge and sentence will usually be less severe than if you would have several grams of the drug in your possession.

Aside from the weight of the drug, the type of packaging and the purity of the drug are considered as well. There are a few different forms of cocaine that you could have in your possession. The form will sometimes play a factor in the exact charge that you receive and what happens when you go to court. Small crack rocks are the most common form of cocaine possession. They are often kept in small bags either in your pockets, somewhere in your possession in your home, or in compartments in your vehicle. They are also easier to hide in body cavities than other types of drugs. You could also have powdered cocaine in small bags as well. If the officer discovers that you have numerous bags in your possession that have cocaine in them that look like they have been packaged to sell to other people, then you will likely be charged with possession of cocaine as well as distribution. This would mean that your sentence will likely be more severe than if you were only charged with possessing the drug.

The purity of the cocaine will also play a factor in the severity of your charge as well as your sentence. If the cocaine is cut with something else and isn’t as strong as the pure drug in order to make a higher profit, then you might not be sentenced as severely as you would if you had straight cocaine in your possession. You should also keep in mind that a pure form of the drug usually means that you have a closer relationship with the dealer you’re getting the drug from as well. If you have a pure form of cocaine, then federal charges could be added.

A lower punishment will result from lower charges. Your attorney can work with you to determine if the cocaine was found in a proper search and if there were any warrants used during the search process. You could be placed on probation or be sentenced to spend up to five years in prison. Larger amounts of cocaine could result in up to 99 years in prison depending on the purity of the drug, the weight of the drug, and your criminal background. Other factors that can play a part in how your sentenced include the location of where you had the drug, such as a school zone and if you had a child in your custody at the time the drugs were found. You can also be sentenced to a longer term in prison if you had a firearm in your possession. If you’re charged with distribution along with possession, then you can expect to spend a longer time in prison. In the event that you were caught with the drug clearly in your possession, then you would need to use a different defense strategy than someone who is charged with possession simply because the drug was in close proximity of that person.

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