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Program fraud and bribery are part of a large series of statutes that essentially deal with the misappropriation of federal funds, thus making these charges explicitly federal beefs which, if convicted, will leave the accused serving time in a federal penitentiary. Being charged with program fraud and/or bribery can be extremely scary. What types of moves do you have? How can you get out of these charges and clear your name? There are undoubtedly a million questions running through your mind.

The first thing you need to focus on during this time is finding the right defense team to represent you. The rest will eventually fall in place, but always start with the lawyers for the job. Without the right legal team in your corner, the state will run wild and charge you with whatever they want, leaving you at the mercy of a judge during sentencing.

Why the Attorney is Needed for Fraud and Bribery Charges

The State’s Evidence

Although it may really pain you to hear it, the odds are great that the state has a very solid case against you, or else they wouldn’t have charged. Program fraud and bribery are no small charges; there’s usually a task force involved here, whistle-blower witnesses coming forward, and a lot of evidence that will be very damning for you once presented in court. Your bet is to find former prosecutors who are now defense attorneys who know exactly what it means to build a case for the state. Because they understand justice from the state’s end so fluently, they’ll also know how to mount the proper defense against the state’s case.

The Time it Takes for a Trial

The state wants to get the charges over and done with, sure. But they also want to throw as many monkey wrenches as they can at the defense. And this often means tying your defense up in useless documents and injunctions and other nonsense that really steals the focus away from providing you with a great defense. Although it is greatly unfair, much of your trial is actually a chess match between the defense and the prosecution, and thus you need someone skilled at speedily getting you through a trial. This is nothing to take lightly.

Mounting a Solid Defense

Innocent or guilty, the job of a good defense attorney is to mount for you a proper defense and to submit reasonable doubt to a jury of your peers. This doesn’t work like television trials. You’re not going to beat the charge because some great orator in a suit gives a fantastic speech. No. What you need to win is the proper strategy. You need a lawyer and a law firm that can cut through all the nonsense like document dumps, who can find key character witnesses, and who can poke holes in the prosecution’s case. This requires ample skill and talent, and this isn’t something you find unless you select the .

The Ability to Deal

Of course, every person charged with any type of program fraud or bribery undoubtedly wants to be cleared completely of said charges. In the perfect scenario in which you’re able to paint the outcome, getting away without any negative consequences is undoubtedly how you see things going down. However, were that not to be the case, what is your next move? Of course, you know the answer to this question is limiting your time and the fines you will have to pay off. You will want to reduce said charges and to receive the least amount of punishment available per the crime. This is where a great lawyer can help you with the wheeling and dealing aspect of the charges. Only the right defense team, made up of former prosecutors, can ensure that you will receive a fair deal.

These charges are no laughing matter, nor can they be ignored. When the state decides to charge things like program fraud and bribery, you better believe that they have their ducks in a row. These aren’t charges they throw around loosely. Thus you’re going to need the of the in terms of an attorney. Cut-rate public defense isn’t the strategy you seek; you want an ironclad defense that’s fighting in your corner.

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