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Possession of Drugs Lawyers21 Jul 2016

Compared to the rest of the nation, New York City drug possession charges are some of the toughest cases for individuals to win without the help of a licensed NYC attorney. Individuals who are charged with the possession of a controlled dangerous substance – CDS, such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, molly, heroin, crack, meth, Ritalin, Oxycontin, and other prescription and non-prescription drugs can face 1-25 years in prison.

The New York City penal code has separate statutes for the possession of marijuana compared to other CDS stimulants. The state has made an effort to reduce the penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana, yet the legislature still has serious penalties on the books for the possession of the controversial drug.

For example, individuals who are caught possessing 25 grams to 2 ounces of marijuana can be fined and sentenced to 15 days to 3 months in jail. Individuals who are convicted of possessing 16 ounces to 10 pounds of marijuana can be charged as felons and may serve 1-7 years in prison.

New York City is a jurisdiction that classifies/schedules a wide spectrum of illegal and prescription drugs and chemical compounds that are used to manufacture them. Currently, there are five drug schedules. Schedule I drugs are stimulants that are considered the most dangerous, abusive and addictive, such as LSD, methamphetamine, methadone, cocaine, PCP and more. In these cases, defendants may face between 3-25 years in prison. In addition, CDS defendants can be required to pay fines that range from $1,000-$100.000. Schedule II thru V drugs, such as marijuana, have reduced penalties based upon the danger element and the likelihood of abuse and addiction. Lower scheduled drugs also increase in medicinal value.

Possession of marijuana and more serious CDS drugs in public areas can incur greater fines and longer jail sentences. New York City has strict drug policies in place to protect its residents, children, tourists and the general public. Considering that the possession of drugs have been linked to violent crimes and drug addiction, the NYC branches of government aggressively process CDS-related cases. It is important and beneficial to hire our legal services if you have been charged with possession of a CDS so that we can quickly help you resolve your legal matter.

If an individual uses our legal services, they will have access to an aggressive group of skilled professionals who are trained to dismantle and win big cases. Our number one goal is to ensure that our clients have fair representation in the court of law. Many people who do not have the appropriate legal counsel suffer a higher rate of incarceration and longer prison sentences. Our lawyers understand the importance of resolving a possession case in a timely manner. A guilty conviction for the possession of a drug can have a negative impact on someone’s personal criminal history record, their job status, citizenship status, and their family life.

We have many years of experience with legal cases; therefore, we are confident in our ability to secure legal victories for our clients. We build solid legal arguments outside of the courtroom so that we can increase the chance of a win inside of the courtroom. Our legal strategies aggressively attack key elements in a case, such as proof of possession beyond a reasonable doubt. It is important to contact us today to begin the process of structuring your legal defense.

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