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Penal Code Crimes21 Jul 2016

Penal Code Crimes

Penal code crimes are any offenses for which an individual can be penalized. These crimes appear on a comprehensive list that covers the criminal code of a particular area or jurisdiction. In the case of New York, 245 crimes appear on this list. Such crimes include aggravated murder, assault, arson and burglary. The laws written about penal code crimes cover aspects such as whether or not the offense is a misdemeanor or felony, the classification of the misdemeanor or felony and the sentences and fines for each type of offense.

Examples of Penal Code Crimes

Aggravated murder is a class A-I felony, and for such a felony the punishment required is 15-25 years of imprisonment. Both assault and burglary are class B felonies when in the first degree. The penalty for first-degree assault or burglary is decided by the court, but it is not meant to exceed 25 years. Finally, an example of a class A misdemeanor would be arson in the fifth degree. If a person is convicted of this crime, the maximum sentence they may receive is 1 year, however it is possible to receive probation.

What to do when accused

If someone is accused of a crime, there are some simple tips to remember that can help them through the process. First, the person should remain silent, because even the smallest piece of information can be construed as implicating evidence. Second, the accused person should budget his or her money as litigation can be a costly process. Third, if the person is at the site of an incident, it may be a good idea to call 911. The person who calls 911 first is typically considered to be the victim. Lastly, a person who has been accused of a crime should contact a criminal defense lawyer who focuses his or her practice on penal code crimes in the state of New York. This will be beneficial later on if and when he or she is required to go to court.

How We Can Help

Raiser & Kenniff, PC is here to help. Our staff of attorneys want to work to help an accused person demonstrate their innocence or receive the possible outcome. When a defendant comes to our firm for help, our staff is able to explain the law, review his or her case and develop and discuss a list of options. If the defendant needs to be represented in court, a lawyer in our staff can make a case to help him or her to reach the most desirable result.

Any communications between a defendant and a lawyer on our team will be kept strictly confidential, and we guarantee complete the complete privacy of attorney/client conversations. All lawyers on our team work to provide for the needs of their clients, and do so by sending them documentation of developments in the case, communicating with them about their wishes and establishing objectives and deadlines to meet those objectives whenever possible.

Our attorneys make an effort to answer all client questions, keep their clients informed, recognize their needs and to maintain a professional, communicative relationship with them. Our staff works to guide clients through the processes of litigation and negotiation so that they feel comfortable and well-informed.

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