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Raiser & Kenniff P.C. is proud to announce the launch of their new program “OFF METER”.

Many attorneys charge by hour, you could say they have a metered rate.  But we are implementing a different way of doing things.  A way that will give drivers, like you, access to a top rated law firm.

Developed by a former TLC Prosecutor,  Off Meter is for professional drivers who want to take the stress out of dealing with the TLC.  We believe that a driver should not have to choose between keeping their license or keeping food on the table.  By joining Off Meter, you will have a team of experienced attorneys always ready to be your voice and defend your rights for a low monthly rate.

For $30 per month you will have a former TLC Prosecutor and his team handling all your TLC Tickets from Summons through Appeal.

What does that mean? 

Put Simply, for less than $1 per day, you will have an attorney on call for all your TLC prosecution needs.  We will do everything we can to ensure that you get the possible outcome.

–        Advising you on ANY ticket you get from TLC (OATH Hearings Division). So you know what the course of action is for you.

–        Settling cases so that you can spend more time driving and making money …and less time in the TLC waiting room.

–        Fighting your case in front of the Judge at a hearings so that you can have alicensed attorney with real TLC experience protecting you.

–        Arguing your appeals, all the way up to the Commissioner, to ensure we have done everything we can to make sure your voice is heard.


What about NYPD tickets?

As a member of the Off Meter plan,  you will have access to discounted rates for all other applicable violations.

If you would like to sign up for this program, you can call our office today at (516) 742-7600

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