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NYC Failure to Appear Lawyers18 Jul 2016

Failure to appear in court has serious repercussions no matter what kind of court hearing for which you failed to appear. You can lose what you are fighting for if you fail to appear at a civil hearing or a family court hearing. Other situations can end up with a judge ordering a warrant for your immediate arrest. The following is some information on failure to appear and the consequences of such a crime:

Failure to Appear in Civil Court
There may be many reasons that you are expected to appear in civil court. One reason is for debt that you owe. Another reason you may be called to show up in civil court is an eviction proceeding. Either way, you can end up allowing the other party to receive a default judgment for the relief that he or she is seeking just by not showing up on the court day. You may have had the opportunity to work it out, but you forfeited that right by not showing up for the proceedings.

Failure to Appear in Traffic Court
Failure to appear in traffic court can end up with some poor consequences for your driver’s license. First, the courts will most likely automatically convict you of the violation for which you received a citation. Secondly, the court could choose to suspend your driver’s license for not showing up.

Failure to Appear on a Criminal Charge
Failure to appear in court on a criminal charge can result in several painful consequences. First, the judge may charge you with failure to appear and contempt of court. Both crimes have jail time and fines associated with them. Secondly, your license could be suspended. Thirdly, the judge may put out a bench warrant for you arrest, which may cause you a great deal of embarrassment.

Failure to Appear With Bail
You are violating more than just the judge if you fail to appear in court after a bail bond company got you out of jail. You are facing some extreme consequences. The penalty for failing to appear for a misdemeanor is up to one year in jail. The penalty for a felony is up to four years for a non-violent charge.

30 Days of Grace
You have up to 30 days to show up for court after you miss the hearing and plead your case. You may be able to have a felony “failure to appear” charge reduced to misdemeanor status.

Defenses for Failing to Appear in Court
A reliable criminal defense attorney can help you defend yourself in court about your appearance failure. Some of the most common reasons that people miss court are emergencies, severe illnesses such as heart attacks, unreceived court notices, traffic accidents, misinformation and the like. A reliable attorney can help to fight your battle and present a believable defense for why you did not show up in court that day.

What to Do if Someone Accuses You of Failing to Appear
You must find an attorney who can represent you immediately upon receiving a charge for failure to appear. What you want to do is schedule a free consultation with someone who offers compassion, years of experience and flexible payment schedules. Raiser & Kenniff are two sharp attorneys who specialize in criminal defense. They have perfect ratings from AVVO and honorable mention on channels such as CNN, FOX Business and New York Post. You can schedule an appointment today that can help brighten your future. The toll-free number to the firm is 888-504-2746. Alternatively, you can complete a short form to submit your request.

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