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NYC Animal Abuse Lawyers18 Jul 2016

Animal abuse is sometimes the worst kind of abuse that you can hear about. There isn’t just one type,such as neglect or hitting an animal. When you hear of this kind of abuse, it’s often several different methods that are cumulatively done by the owner until the animal dies or is left to die.

One of the most common forms of abuse that you hear about is neglect. This is when the owner doesn’t provide the proper care that is needed for the animal, such as food, water or shelter. Neglect also covers not taking the animal to a doctor when it’s sick or not getting the proper vaccinations so that it can stay healthy. Sometimes, the neglect isn’t intentional. It’s because the owner doesn’t have the means to provide the care that the animal needs any longer, but instead of finding a good home for the animal, the person will let the animal suffer alone with no help.

Willful Neglect
The components of this form of abuse are the same as unintentional neglect, but they are done on purpose. The person will refuse to give food and water, letting the animal starve. It’s often done because the person sees the pet as a nuisance. This kind of neglect also happens when the person has anger issues toward another person but will take that anger out on the animal. Any animal that is seen in this situation should be reported as it can be a considered a crime in most states.

Most people think of material possessions when they think of hoarding. However, this can also be done with animals. When someone has one or two animals at home, it’s easier to look after them than if there are dozens of animals. Most of the time, hoarding happens when litters of puppies or kittens are born without the owner getting the adults spayed or neutered. The animals tend to overrun the home, running out of food to eat and making a mess inside the house. This is a health hazard as it can become hard for the owner to manage all of the animals at one time. Many of the animals are malnourished or die from a lack of care because of the large number in one place.

Intentional abuse is when the pet owner will hit the animal or torture the animal with an object. Organized abuse also falls into this category. This is when animals are out in a small area so that they can fight each other. It’s common with pit bull owners and people who have roosters. The fights will often end in the death of one of the animals If the animal doesn’t die, then it is usually severely injured to the point that it needs to be put down.

If you have been charged with animal abuse, it’s important to show proof of whether it was intentional or not. If the abuse was because of a hardship, then the charges can sometimes get dropped if you find a home for the animal. However, intentional abuse can sometimes be a felony depending on the condition of the animal. An attorney can help by providing pictures of the animal before and after any abuse and information in regards to finding shelter for the animal prior to going to court.

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