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NY physician assistant license defense lawyers

As a physician assistant, you have not only worked hard to obtain the skills you possess, but also to establish yourself as a vital member of today’s healthcare community. Able to do many of the same tasks as a licensed physician, you are often called upon to put in long hours and help various patients with simple and also complex matters. While in most cases everything will go fine in your career, the time may come when various types of personal or professional misconduct may be made against you. Should this happen, the matter should never be taken lightly. If you fail to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation, you could potentially lose your license to practice as a physician assistant. Rather than let allegations of misconduct ruin your personal and professional lives, turn to NY physician assistant license defense lawyers to guide you through this complex process.

Once you have had allegations of misconduct made against you, the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct will be in charge of the investigation. Commonly referred to as the OPMC, this agency will have virtually unlimited investigative and regulatory powers in its investigation of you. As a result, all aspects of our life, both personally and professionally, will be scrutinized by the agency to determine whether or not you should be allowed to keep your PA license. While you may think this is unfair, it is nevertheless important you focus instead on proving the allegations made against you are false. To do so, hire the services of a skilled NY physician assistant license defense lawyer who has a track record of success with clients in similar situations.

What Can be Investigated by the OPMC?
As stated earlier, virtually anything related to your personal and professional lives can be looked at by the OPMC during the course of an investigation. For example, if a patient has alleged you performed an unnecessary medical procedure on them or perhaps wrote a prescription for a medication that was dangerous or not appropriate for their condition, the OPMC will investigate. In addition, if there are allegations you have committed criminal misconduct in your personal life, or even have psychological or marital difficulties that may hinder your ability to give patients a safe and reasonable level of care, the OPMC will carefully examine any and all aspects of these allegations. Rather than let hearsay or lies determine your fate and ultimately the loss of your PA license, consult as quickly as possible with NY physician assistant license defense lawyers to discuss your case in greater detail.

Decades-Old Allegations Can be Investigated
Even if your career as a PA has been going smoothly for many years, that does not mean it will continue to do so. In fact, should a former patient allege you acted inappropriately, had a substance abuse problem while treating them, or committed other acts that may be looked upon as being “immoral,” the OPMC has the authority to investigate. Since there is currently no statute of limitations on OPMC investigations, this means you and other medical professionals are reduced to looking over your shoulder day after day, wondering if a disgruntled patient may seek to ruin your life in every possible way. Although this can easily be an intimidating situation, do not sit back and let others ruin a career you know has been impeccable. Instead, hire the services of knowledgeable NY physician assistant license defense lawyers and let them put their expertise to work for you and your career.

Are My Constitutional Rights Protected?
If you fail to secure the very legal defense when you are under OPMC investigation, you will likely find many of your constitutional rights will be violated by the OPMC. In most investigations, these include the right to a speedy trial, discovery process, impartial hearing, and even the right to retain counsel. In many investigations, the OPMC will rely on intimidation and fear to make a healthcare professional believe they are at the mercy of the agency and its investigators. However, this is not the case. Rather than let the OPMC dictate how your case will be resolved, turn instead to NY physician assistant license defense lawyers you know and trust. By doing so, you can ensure your constitutional rights are protected each and every step of the way.

Since allegations of medical misconduct of any nature are taken very seriously by the medical community, you should always do the same. Even though you know you are completely innocent of whatever allegations are made against you, never assume this alone will lead to victory. Likewise, never try to fight these allegations and an OPMC investigation on your own. Instead, upon learning of a pending investigation, consult at once with experienced NY physician assistant license defense lawyers

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