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NY OPMC Lawyers

For those who have dedicated their lives to the medical field as physicians and physician assistants, their top goal is always to provide their patients with the very care for various illnesses and conditions. However, even when they do their jobs properly and know they have done so, it is possible for others to make allegations against them that result in an investigation by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, usually referred to as the OPMC. When this happens, life as medical professionals know it can go awry very quickly. Suddenly dealing with the possibility of losing their license over something that may have allegedly taken place perhaps decades ago, medical professionals are also stunned to discover that all aspects of their personal and professional lives are allowed to be scrutinized by investigators. If you find yourself facing such a situation, do not panic. Instead, stay calm and immediately contact experienced and knowledgeable NY OPMC lawyers for a consultation.

Why is My Whole Life Open to Investigation?
In these situations where the OPMC conducts an investigation, your personal and professional lives will be examined to see if any aspects of one or both have contributed to the allegations of misconduct levied against you. For example, if you have been accused of financial indiscretions, the OPMC will want to examine anything related to such things as student loans, bankruptcies, default judgments, and other related areas that could provide a reason why you would need large amounts of money. Also, if you are accused of inappropriate conduct with a patient or employee in your practice, the OPMC is allowed to examine your personal life regarding any psychological problems you may have had in the past, or even if your marriage is stable and secure. Whatever the case may be, investigators will closely examine many details of your life. To make sure your rights are protected during this process, always turn to skilled NY OPMC lawyers who can provide you with excellent advice along the way.

What if I Own My Practice?
If you happen to own a medical practice, it is guaranteed the OPMC will be looking at anything and everything to build a case against you. While you may think these investigations only focus on issues directly related to medical care, you are mistaken. Should a current or former employee of your practice make allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or other areas related to employment practices against you, the OPMC is allowed to investigate these as well. In addition, should it be alleged that you are currently participating in any secondary employment or other activities outside your medical practice which are deemed to be inappropriate and immoral by others, these activities will also be examined by investigators. Since these investigations can often be complex, time-consuming, and embarrassing, never try to handle them on your own. Instead, trust NY OPMC lawyers who have a track record of success defending clients against baseless allegations from disgruntled employees and patients.

What Rights Do I Have in These Cases?
Once you are placed under investigation by the OPMC, investigators will try to convince you that you have few if any rights before, during, and after the investigation. However, even if you feel intimidated by what is taking place, remember that you do in fact have many constitutional rights that can and will be protected upon your hiring of an experienced NY OPMC lawyer. As it is with any individuals under investigation in the United States, you will have the right to legal counsel, a speedy trial, fair hearings, and for you and your lawyers to have access to the discovery process, where evidence can be examined and questions asked along the way. If you believe investigators in these situations and fail to hire an attorney, you will almost certainly come out on the losing end of the investigation, putting your medical license and career at tremendous risk. Rather than make mistakes that can sink your career, consult at once with NY OPMC lawyers who are dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights from the investigation’s beginning to its conclusion.

Does a Statute of Limitations Exist in These Cases?
Unfortunately, there is no statute of limitations that exists for allegations related to medical misconduct. Thus, if a patient, employee, or other individual claims something took place decades ago, the OPMC has the legal authority to conduct an investigation. If you are facing such a situation, hire a NY OPMC lawyer immediately. Since it is likely key evidence may have disappeared, witnesses may have relocated, and stories and memories will have changed or faded away with time, these cases can be very complex to navigate. To ensure you come out a winner, always rely on the trusted advice of seasoned and knowledgeable NY OPMC lawyers.

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