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NY Food Stamp Eligibility – How Do I Know If I am Eligible For Food Stamps in NY?30 Jan 2019

Food stamps can be a huge financial relief for those whom are members of low income households. There are a few questions which you might have if you would like to find out your NY food stamp eligiblity.

Food stamps are designed as additional financial support for working people. Benefits are issued electronically, as beneficiaries are able to use their benefit cards in order to purchase food from grocery stores.

How Benefits Eligibility Is Determined

Food stamp eligibility is primarily based on a person’s income and family size. Income levels are calculated before any applicable deductions. This means that you cannot apply any income deductions for the purpose of calculating your eligibility for SNAP benefits. For single person households, a income of less than $18,216 would qualify for SNAP benefits. For an 8 person household, an income of less than $63,576 would qualify. Each person adds an additional $6,480 in additional annual income which would still allow one to be qualified for benefits. These income levels are based on earned income, which is income that is solely earned from employment.

Different For Individuals Caring For Dependents and Elderly

These income levels are slightly different for individuals whom have an elderly or disabled household member, or those whom are responsible for the care of a dependent. A household of 1 earning less than $24,276 and a household of 8 earning less than $84,756 is eligible for benefits.

No Means Test Required Based on Savings

The news for individuals eligible for food stamps is that there is no means test required for eligibility. The department will not consider assets such as stocks, bonds, and savings when looking at a person’s eligiblity for benefits.

Income Levels Not Primary Way Food Stamp Eligibility Determined

While income level is the primary reason why one might be eligible for benefits, it is not the primary requirement. You are also required to have a SNAP budget calculated for you in order to determine whether or not you are eligible. The way to determine your eligibility for benefits is to apply.

Students Often Eligible For SNAP Benefits

Students are often eligible for food stamps as well. Those whom are enrolled in school for at least half of what is considered to be a full courseload are eligible. If you receive unemployment benefits, are employed or self-employed for 20 hours per week, participate in work study during the school year, provide care for a dependent under the age of 6, are a single parent, or receive family assistance or federally-funded safety net assistance you are eligible for food stamps.

Maximum Benefits You Receive Based On Family Size

The amount of benefits you receive varies based on the size of your family. A one-person household is eligible for a maximum benefit of $192 per month, while a two-person household is eligible for $353 per month. Households with 8 members can receive benefits of $1,155 per month with an additional $144 for each member of the household.

Required To Recertify Your Eligibility

You are also required to recertify your eligiblity for food stamps. You will receive a packet in the mail which enables you to recertify. This packet includes an interview time which you must appear for. You might also be required to submit additional documentation following your interview.

Assistance With Your Application

Throughout New York State, you are able to seek assistance with your application for applying with SNAP. If you have an immediate need for SNAP benefits, you can have your application for benefits expedited. This gives you SNAP benefits within 5 days, assuming that your applicaiton is successful.

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