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NY doctor license defense lawyers

ons be made against you related to malpractice or other issues, it is possible you could be facing the loss of your medical license, and thus your livelihood. Should you be facing such a situation, it will be crucial you work with attorneys who specialize in license defense for doctors. Since these cases can be extremely complex, never take it for granted that any lawyer will be able to resolve your situation in a favorable manner.

Extensive Regulatory Powers
When you are facing the loss of your medical license in New York, the investigation will be conducted by the state’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct, commonly referred to as the OPMC. Possessing extensive regulatory powers, the OPMC can look at virtually all aspects of your professional as well as personal life to determine if misconduct occurred that should lead to a loss of your medical license. While it may be hard for you to believe, the OPMC has the authority to examine how you conduct yourself personally and professionally at all times.

Allegations of Misconduct
Due to its vast powers of investigation, the OPMC is often called upon to investigate various types of allegations involving misconduct. As for those related directly to your professional life, these can include writing inappropriate prescriptions for patients, performing unnecessary medical procedures, submitting inaccurate reports, financial indiscretion, and other related areas. As for your personal life, the OPMC can investigate allegations of substance abuse, criminal misconduct, psychological issues, inappropriate relationships with patients or others, and even marital or family difficulties that may be impacting your ability to provide medical services to patients in a safe and reliable manner. In essence, almost anything is on the table when it comes to an OPMC investigation, which is why you should always rely on an experienced NY doctor license defense lawyer to help you in these situations.

Constant Scrutiny
Should you be a doctor who owns a practice, you will be under constant scrutiny from the OPMC, especially if various types of allegations are made against you. While many doctors think they can only be investigated for matters directly related to medical care given to patients, that is not true. Should you own your medical practice, the OPMC can and will investigate you should employees make allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, or wrongful termination. In addition, should you be involved in outside activities that may be deemed “immoral” or “inappropriate,” even if they are not directly related to your medical practice and the level of care you provide your patients, these activities can also be investigated. Rather than be caught off-guard and scrambling to find legal assistance with this important matter, always make sure you look immediately to a knowledgeable NY doctor license defense lawyer for guidance.

No Statute of Limitations
To make matters worse, there is no statute of limitations on investigations conducted by the OPMC. Thus, it is possible you could find yourself being investigated for an incident that allegedly took place decades ago. Needless to say, this can put you at a severe disadvantage. Over the course of time, evidence can disappear, witness memories can fade, stories can change, and much more. As a result, it becomes much more difficult for you to mount a defense against various allegations. Due to the complexities that are associated with cases such as these, put your trust in NY doctor license defense lawyers who handle such cases on a regular basis. By doing so, you give yourself the chance to win your case and keep your personal and professional reputations intact.

Violation of Constitutional Rights
In many of these cases, it can easily be argued the OPMC directly violates many of your constitutional rights. For example, the OPMC may attempt to convince you that you not only do not have the right to legal counsel in these matters, but also do not have the right to a speedy trial, impartial hearing, and the discovery process where evidence can be obtained and examined by your attorney. However, the fact is you do indeed have a right to all of these things, and should take advantage of them in order to give yourself the possible chance of winning your case. Should the OPMC attempt to intimidate you into thinking you have few if any rights in these matters, do not believe them. Instead, schedule an immediate consultation with an experienced NY doctor license defense lawyer.

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