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New York Physician License Defense Lawyers

New York Physician License Defense Lawyers

Once you have completed medical school and met the requirements to obtain your medical license, you are eager to begin your career and start using your knowledge to help others overcome various illnesses. While you may have your entire career go by without any controversy, there may come a time when issues may arise that could potentially put your physician license in jeopardy. Whether this involves an allegation of malpractice from a patient, criminal charges being filed against you, or perhaps a situation involving a disgruntled employee alleging sexual harassment or wrongful termination, the fact is you will be under tremendous scrutiny until the situation is resolved. However, trying to handle these situations alone can be a tremendous mistake. Rather than possibly lose your license, consult instead with experienced New York physician license defense lawyers.

Who Will Conduct the Investigation?
Once you have allegations made against you that put your physician license in jeopardy, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) will be in charge of the investigation. When this occurs, the OPMC will have full authority to investigate whatever areas it sees fit to do so, which will likely include aspects of your professional life as well as your personal life. To the surprise of many who are under these investigations, the OPMC will likely delve into very personal areas of your life, such as your marriage and outside activities in which you engage. Since investigators in these situations have so much leeway, never assume everything will be fine if you simply sit back and let things progress. Instead, contact New York physician license defense lawyers to assist you with this critical matter.

What Allegations Will be Investigated by OPMC?
As stated earlier, allegations of malpractice, workplace harassment, or illegal activity resulting in criminal charges are situations that will be investigated by the OPMC. However, many other situations are also open to OPMC investigation. For example, if it is alleged you have a substance abuse problem with drugs or alcohol, you will be investigated. Also, if you engage in activities or practices that are considered to be immoral or inappropriate, the OPMC may find you are morally unfit to practice medicine. These allegations, along with others such as financial impropriety, mental health issues, and performing procedures for which you are not licensed, are just a sampling of what may be looked at by the OPMC. Rather than let the opinion of others as to how you lead your life determine the fate of your medical license, put your trust in knowledgeable New York physician license defense lawyers who will protect your rights and reputation each step of the way.

What Should I Do to Protect Myself?
Depending on the types of allegations made against you, it is imperative you do everything possible to protect your license and reputation. For example, if allegations of harassment are made against you, try to gather as much evidence as possible to counter the allegations. These should include emails, text messages, witness statements, and anything else you feel may be relevant to your case. Also, should your moral character be called into question by others and OPMC investigators, be prepared to have numerous character witnesses ready to testify on your behalf. Since you will need to do everything possible to ensure your professional life is not left in ruins, consult as quickly as possible with New York physician license defense lawyers you can trust. By discussing your case and turning over key parts of evidence to your attorney, a legal strategy can be developed that will negate the OPMC investigation.

Never Assume Anything
Even if you have been in practice for decades and have an impeccable record, never assume anything once an OPMC investigation begins against you. Since anything is essentially fair game in these investigations, the slightest detail uncovered by investigators could be the tipping point that results in you losing your license. Rather than be caught off-guard by sitting back and doing nothing, immediately go on offense and hire experienced New York physician license defense lawyers to handle your case. Once you have knowledgeable legal representation protecting your rights, you can work with them to win your case and resume your career.

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