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New York A and DS Liquor License Lawyers11 Oct 2017

Many businesses want to sell alcohol to their patrons. It makes good sense. Alcohol is a lucrative product, both for places selling it for outside the store consumption and for businesses that serve it along with meals and other beverages. In a place like New York, it can be detrimental to leave alcohol off your list of products. Responsible business owners are aware that they must meet a long list of requirements to sell alcohol and that they must agree to apply for a license to sell alcohol before the first bottle of beer slides across the table of a customer or the checkout lane of a grocery store.

The different types of liquor licenses give business owners a general idea of what kind of license they’ll need. An A/DS liquor license is obtained by grocery stores who plan to sell alcohol in the store for consumption by the customer off-premises. This means that there’s an understanding that customers will buy the liquor at the grocery store but NOT consume it on the premises. So you won’t find tables in a grocery store most of the time that offers customers a chance to sit down and have a beer during a long shopping trip. Instead, customers buy it in the grocery and take it home.

Some lawyers specialize in this kind of liquor license and focus on it primarily. The majority of the time, a liquor license lawyer can help you with not just this kind of license but all of them. However, there are still lawyers that primarily focus on A/DS liquor licenses that will let grocery stores in New York sell in the store. If you’re thinking that since you only need this type of license, you don’t need a good lawyer, you’re fooling yourself.

Once you look at the many requirements for an A/DS liquor license, you’ll quickly notice how intimidating it is. There is a confusing fee schedule as well that businesses must abide by, so it can be very challenging to keep up with not only the requirements to keep the license but also with the fee schedule that New York charges to keep the license. If you fall behind on the fee schedule, there can be problems on the horizon.

The purpose of a liquor license lawyer is to make your life easier. They know the exact requirements that are set in place for liquor licenses in New York, so you’ll never have to worry if you’re complying with the requirements set forth on your license. You can have peace of mind while you run your business and try to use your liquor license to increase your business, not end it. The consequences for a time consuming liquor license application that is filled out incorrectly can be months of lost time and perhaps even a denial of your ambitions to obtain a license at all. Lawyers know exactly how to apply the correct way the first time so that you don’t lose any time and so that you KNOW you qualify for a liquor license in the state.

If you’ve been struggling with your liquor license application and don’t even know if you’re doing it right, or if you fear that you’re not going to be able to fill out the entire application correctly, it’s time to contact a liquor license lawyer that knows the rules inside and out. They fill out and obtain liquor licenses for their clients year round, so this is their livelihood. You can trust them to correctly fill out your application the first time and make sure that you get your license in hand in the shortest amount of time possible. If you don’t call, you can be facing an uphill battle against the many rules for applying. Worse yet, you may unintentionally violate your liquor license without even realizing it. Don’t wait. Call a lawyer today.

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