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New York Domestic Violence Attorneys2 Feb 2019

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, you probably have many questions and concerns. This can be a scary time. Domestic violence charges carry a very negative stigma. They can cause significant problems with finding employment, friends, family, and your neighbors. You may even be subjected to court-imposed restrictions with your children. While you may not be guilty, the courts tend to side with the victims in these cases. They also require a much lower burden of proof than in other court cases. If you’re facing these charges, it’s imperative that you have a skilled domestic violence attorney to represent you. They can either have the charges dismissed or significantly reduced in many cases.

Types of domestic violence charges:

Domestic violence charges can include many different types of crimes. Harassment, stalking, battery, menacing, kidnapping, false imprisonment, reckless endangerment, and more can all fall under the domestic violence umbrella depending on the specific circumstances. On the surface, these charges are labelling that sound very serious in nature. Many of these actions describe behaviors that aren’t quite as severe as the labels imply. For example, being labeled as a stalker by contacting someone more times than they liked is rather common. Kidnapping can be as simple as returning home late with a child that you have custody of for the weekend. Regardless of the scenario, these are very serious charges with severe penalties.

Domestic violence penalties and fines:

Due to the nature of domestic violence being a family court issue in many cases, self-representation often seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, this is a very bad idea in a matter where the victim doesn’t have to prove much to have you convicted. The actual fines and penalties vary based on the specific nature of the crime. However, fines of $1,000 or more and 30 or more days in jail aren’t uncommon. There’s also a significant risk of losing visitation rights with children and having to stay away from the victim for a very long time if not indefinitely. There’s also a chance you’ll have to attend court ordered counseling and classes for rehabilitation. If you’ve had a prior conviction of domestic violence, the charges and penalties increase significantly with each offense. This can include significant jail time and hefty fines. If you’re convicted of aggravated domestic violence charges, you’ll also be facing much higher fines and penalties. A highly skilled New York domestic violence lawyer is your bet to defend yourself in any of these scenarios. The New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence provides a great deal of information relating to domestic violence laws. Click here to access their website.

Possible defenses in domestic violence cases:

Domestic violence cases are often subjected to heavily exaggerated claims. Often, a victim’s testimony is enough to substantiate a conviction with very little to no physical evidence required. If the victim does have evidence, they stand an even greater chance at obtaining a conviction against the perpetrator. In cases where the victim doesn’t personally know the perpetrator, they’ll often identify the wrong person. An attorney can examine the witness to check for inconsistencies in their testimony. They’re also able to ensure that any evidence presented is legitimate and has been properly submitted. Many times, the victim will represent themselves or have an advocate by their side for emotional support. While the advocate isn’t an attorney, they may offer advice to the victim independent of the trial to help strengthen their case. If the victim is a former spouse or partner, they may be motivated to be dishonest to seek revenge. Domestic violence attorneys are skilled at exposing the victim’s true intentions when this occurs. Self-representation for the respondent in these matters is highly discouraged and can lead to even greater charges than anticipated.

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