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Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer to Help When Accused of a Crime7 Nov 2018

A criminal charge can result in jail time or even prison. There will also be fee and fines, probation, and other obligations to the court. A criminal charge is life-altering and can destroy a person’s future. It is vital to have legal representation that is knowledgeable and experienced in the law, specifically criminal law in a given state. Not many people can do that for themselves. Failing to have adequate representation in court can mean extended time behind bars and a significant loss of assets. There are many reasons why you need a criminal lawyer when accused of a crime.

Social Pressure

The world of criminal law spans far further than the courts and law enforcement. Often, the public takes such a large interest in a case that it becomes a voice of its own, threatening to interfere in the course of justice and the verdict itself. Judges, prosecutors, and district attorneys want to be reelected and making enemies of the public is no way to do it. Only a criminal defense attorney can navigate this underworld of social pressure in the criminal law realm. They understand the courtroom politics and how social and community pressure can affect your case, and how to deal with them.

Prosecutors Role

Prosecutors have prosecutorial discretion, which means they decide when or if to file criminal charges and which charges they are. The broad definitions of criminal charges can be implemented in a variety of ways to reorganize crimes into something that appears quite different in official documents. The prosecutor making the decisions and the timing of the decisions have a huge impact on the outcome of the trial. A criminal lawyer is able to navigate these confusing legal waters.

Practice is Crucial

There are many things one can learn thoroughly through books and research alone. Brain surgery is not one of them. Neither is criminal law. No matter how many laws you may memorize or statutes you can commit to memory, there is no replacement for actual time in front of a judge. Knowing the other players in the courtroom is a huge part of winning a case. Understanding how the judge and other attorneys do their jobs helps an experienced criminal defense lawyer know how to approach their case.

Duties of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal lawyer does a plethora of things for every client. Each client’s case requires different services from their lawyer, depending upon their specific circumstances. A criminal lawyer will provide any or all of the following duties:

– Expert Advice – Criminal lawyers advise their clients on the realities of the case and what is likely to happen under a variety of different circumstances. They use their experience and knowledge of the law to form an objective perspective as a basis for advice. They also counsel clients on coping with the embarrassment, fear, and anxiety of being charged with a criminal offense.

– Negotiator – Criminal lawyers make deals with the prosecutors to lessen their client’s punishments. They can negotiate for lesser sentences and reduced charges. They also help tailor the punishments to be the most beneficial to the client’s needs.

– Knowledge of Laws
Knowledge of laws goes beyond simple book studying. Trying cases year after year gives a lawyer the ability to become familiar with many laws and learn how they can interact together. Experience is the only way to gain this knowledge. Some state laws require knowledge of federal laws and statutes to fully employ them.

Representing yourself in a criminal case is risky business. The world of criminal justice has many confusing twists and governmental red tape to struggle through. The help of an experienced criminal lawyer is invaluable

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