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Methamphetamine (Possession for Sale)20 Jul 2016

Methamphetamine (Possession for Sale)

Being charged with drug possession in New York City is a serious offense. Being charged with possession with intent to sell is even worse. If you have been charged with possession with intent, you need to get in touch with an attorney right away. Delaying in obtaining legal counsel to help you can make it much harder to get the charges dismissed or to win your case. A conviction of possession with intent can create issues that will follow you for life, including suspension of a driver’s license, child custody loss, a permanent criminal record, problems securing housing and even public embarrassment.

Depending on the amount of methamphetamine you had in your possession will determine whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony charge. If convicted of a felony, it can be as much as 15 years or more and a fine of $15,000, depending again on the amount you had in your possession. If you contact an attorney immediately after being charged, they can quite possibly help you get the charges dropped or at least help you to maneuver through the legal process to get the outcome. This is not a charge that you want to try and take on by yourself.

If you’re facing charges of possession with intent, it’s important for you to contact an attorney to represent you right away. You need an attorney with experience in defending clients who are charged with possession with intent. Raiser and Kenniff, PC have more than 30 years of combined experience in defending clients charged with drug possession as well as many other areas of the law. By contacting Raiser and Kenniff when you’re charged with possession with intent, your attorney can help you to know what to expect and how they can help guide you through the legal process.

Facing the charges of possession with intent is an offense that has a lot of social anxiety and emotional attachment. Because of the feelings that are associated with drug possession, especially possession with intent, it’s even more important that you seek out an attorney who will stick to the law and not be persuaded by the feelings of the community over the law. It’s important that you be represented by an attorney who knows what your legal rights are and will defend them without prejudice. By having an attorney who sticks up for your rights, you might possibly be able to have the charges dismissed or maybe to even be found not-guilty of the charges if it goes to trial.

The attorneys of Raiser and Kenniff, PC are dedicated to providing their clients with professional legal advice and defense. No matter what the charges are that you’re facing, the attorneys of Raiser and Kenniff are dedicated to giving you the legal representation possible. They are respected throughout the New York City Judicial community and will respond quickly to guide you through the process and help to defend you against the charges. If you’re facing the charges of possession with intent, you need to immediately contact Raiser and Kenniff, PC.

In many cases, possession of a particular narcotic can apply as a misdemeanor or as a felony. Also known as crystal meth, methamphetamine differs in this regard, however, as it is usually a felony charge and rarely a misdemeanor. As such, it’s not surprising to know that the guidelines for sentencing are very strict, resulting in substantial time in prison if there is a conviction.

If you’re facing the serious charge of methamphetamine possession, it’s critical to obtain an experienced New York attorney to ensure you won’t end up behind bars. An attorney with years of experience will have the familiarity with regional, state and federal laws relevant to your case.

Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive and dangerous substance taken seriously by law enforcement and the courts. Because of this, most courts treat the cases with complete scrutiny and severity. On top of that, any New Yorker can tell you just how tough their state prosecutors are in the first place.

Penalties for Methamphetamine Possession, New York State

Methamphetamine possession charges regarding amounts less than half an ounce may be considered a Class A midemeanor in the state of New York, which can result in jail time for up to one year.

Amounts over half an ounce are considered at least a Class C felony in New York, which can result in up to five and a half years in prison. Those who face the charge a second time could end up in prison for eight years.

Amountst over 2 ounces are considered to be a Class A-II felony, which results in up to 10 years in prison. Those who face the charge a second time could spend up to 14 years in prison, whereas a violent offender might spend an additional 3 years behind bars.

Penalties for Methamphetamine Possession, Federal

In addition to penalties from the state of New York, a conviction would also carry out penalties under federal law, which are described in 21 U.S.C. § 844.

An offender who has never been convicted of methamphetamine possession in the past may be fined $1,000 or more. A second-time charge will result in a minimum fine of $2,500 as well as imprisonment for up to two years. A third-time charge results in a minimum fine of $5,000 in addition to imprisonment for up to three years.

Fighting Methamphetamine Charges in New York State

The way we can handle your defense strategy ultimately differes depending on what your personal goals are and the particular facts of the case you’re facing. Regardless of these circumstances, our first approach is to understand what occurred that led to the arrest so we can determine whether or not any of your constitutional rights have been violated. If so, it is possible to suppress certain incriminating evidence or even have the case closed altogether.

Even if your case seems to be completely hopeless from your perspective, there are numerous options we can consider for all situations. It is important to discuss all possibilities with your lawyer and to determine what each one would mean as far as you’re concerned.

Some of these alternative options include drug courts that help provide rehabilitation to prevent future law-breaking, plea agreements that involve pleading guilty in exchange for a light consequence, or other diversions that can prevent incarceration provided you are able to satisfy the needs of the court.

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If you are currently facing a methamphetamine possession charge in the state of New York, be sure to stop in and receive a free consultation from our experienced attorneys. Our attorneys are very familiar with state law and have handled hundreds of cases similar to yours before.

Methamphetamine (Sale or Transportation)

Commonly referred to under a variety of names, such as crystal meth, uppers, speed, ice or just meth, methamphetamine is a dangerous narcotic listed as a Schedule II(d) substance under New York law. As a highly addictive, versatile drug, meth can be taken through inhalation, orally or intravenously. In the system, it promotes fast brain activity that allows the user to stay awake for longer than natural. Regularly abusing methamphetamine can result in brain damage, and taking too much in a single dose can result in extreme body temperature, dizziness, seizures and death.

Possession and Sale or Transportation of Methamphetamine

In a similar vein to other illegal narcotics, methamphetamine cases often result in severe penalties for both state and federal law. Because of this, penalties for methamphetamine sales and transportation have increased lately, which makes it all the more necessary to hire an experienced defense attorney who understands New York law.

Meth Sale and Transportation Penalties

Among all drug violations in the state of New York, the penalties for the sale of meth are among the heaviest, threatening clients with up to 10 years in prison and up to half a million in legal fines. The more methamphetamine involved in a sale, the worse the penalties; some cases can result in million-dollar fines and even longer prison sentences.

While it is clear that selling and transporting methamphetamine is illegal, many New York citizens do not realize it is also illegal to have the ingredients necessary to manufacture the drugs with the intention of doing so. Even “less serious” charges carry severe penalties. With a trusted New York criminal defense firm, you’ll be able to take advantage of decades of combined experience from attorneys who have handled hundreds of methamphetamine sale and transportation cases before.

Defense Strategies

In the last few years, it’s clear that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has been honing in on crystal meth users, leaving no stone unturned throughout the country. As a part of the United States Patriot Act, the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act was passed in 2005 that tightened the noose on the narcotic, even in its legal forms.

If you find yourself charged with methamphetamine trafficking, it is necessary to contact an experienced New York attorney immediately. There are severe penalties associated with methamphetamine convictions, so it is in all of our interests to ensure your case is just as heavily defended.

Some forms of reasonable defenses in these situations include having a legal prescription for methamphetamine, evidence that the narcotics did not belong to you, evidence that the narcotics were planted, mental illness, unlawful search and seizure and others.

Regardless, those who are actively addicted to crystal meth and commit a felony may also choose to plead guilty in exchange for an alternate sentencing program known as the drug courts. Here, clients are treated for the addiction medically, and then the original charges will be resolved in such a way that is to your advantage.

Remember, the penalties for being convicted of a methamphetamine charge, such as sale or transportation, are among the worst that one can encounter under the Penal Law in the state of New York. Steep fines and decades of imprisonment are not worth playing the court game alone; if you find yourself with this kind of criminal charge, it is in your interests to immediately contact an attorney capable of handling methamphetamine cases.

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