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Is Medical Marijuana Legal? A Comprehensive Guide on the Medical Marijuana Legalization27 Jul 2021

Is Medical Marijuana Legal? A Comprehensive Guide on the Medical Marijuana Legalization
In 2012, voters confirmed the legalizing recreational use and auctions of cannabis during Colorado’s election, making it the first and foremost state in the United States to approve marijuana use. Other states embraced that golden idea and eventually legalized the drug in their respective states. That idea grew its popularity through public support despite the drug being illegal at the national level. Some refer to it as the cannabis plant or weed that particularly contains THC psychoactive compound that usually gives a “high” when ingested. Many Republican and Democratic politicians have heavily supported the move, making it trend on different kinds of social media. You can consume marijuana through a plethora of ways, such as ccell vape carts, 510 batteries, and more.

Therefore, state legislatures discuss the ways to legalize the drug while observing the bills regarding marijuana. In addition, they want to introduce the drug impacts on health conditions to Congress. However, marijuana opponents’ leaders are cautioning on its health issues, legalization, and safety risk. On the other hand, the proponents justify that the drug doesn’t negatively impact alcohol but pulls along with therapeutic benefits like pain and stress relief. Furthermore, it boosts economic growth and enhances social justice measures.

A Close Outlook

Its law has impacted a great population from the minority society to mass incarceration. States that have already legalized the drug are intensively trying to address its prohibition consequences. These consequences include the state allowing minimum drug conviction status. In addition, most retailers’ dispensaries should be allowed to maximize the drug where it has been legalized. In that case, these retailers will be issued special licenses in October 2022. However, the Columbian District hasn’t yet developed outstanding regulatory agencies, particularly for recreational marijuana. Moreover, it was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, thus hindering its official during the combination of its stipulated measures licenses.

These states have their licensing dispensary processes, but businesses within states where the drug is legalized should seek licenses from their main state for smoother operation. In most cases, each state has its mechanism on how it taxed and regulated marijuana operations. For example, some have subjected an excise tax on their sales to curb malpractice business activities and ensure all businesses adhere to their rules. This specific tax is passed on an individual consumer by subjecting it to the final product price index.

Another law regulates the quantity of marijuana a particular business should possess within the required period. This law also regulates the amount of marijuana that certain individuals should plant and how tax revenue varies among the states. Here will dive into some of the top-notch states that have permanently legalize the marijuana drug and regulatory laws associated.


The state allows individuals more than 21 years to possess and maximize the use of the drug in the state. These adults are permitted to plant at least six trees, but the residents within certain geographical locations should plant approximately 12 plants regardless of the members there. Bear in mind that maximizing the drug in public is illegal at any cost. Retail dispensaries are subjected to particular standard sales tax relief that pulls along with approximately a 10 percent increment on marijuana sales tax. Wholesalers are subjected to the approximately 15 excise tax price, and that’s the primary price index that the business empire needs to pay cultivators.


This state allows adults over 21 years to purchase and have about 16 marijuana ounces infused edibles, particularly in solid form. Also, these adults may possess approximately 72 marijuana ounces infused liquid components and about 7 grams of concentrated marijuana. You aren’t allowed to consume marijuana in public and are limited to growing it at your compound. Washington state has licensed its dispensaries, and they incur approximately 37 percent excise tax on its total sales rate.


In Alaska, individuals more than 21 years can possess and perfectly grow at least six marijuana trees. These are the only plants that the state recommends should attain a maturity period. Adults aren’t allowed to ingest the drug in public. Its retail sales are authorized at licensed dispensaries. Every individual who grows the plant is subjected to an excise tax by the state management.


Those individuals residing in Oregon who have more than 21 years are allowed to possess a certain amount of marijuana ounce whenever they are on public ground. But they are limited to approximately 8 ounces whenever they are their compound. In addition, they may pose at least 16 ounces of marijuana component in solid form or edible and about 72 marijuana ounces piece in liquid form.

Their citizens can plant only four marijuana trees at a time. You aren’t allowed to consume cannabis in a public place. Its retail sales are authorized at the licensed dispensaries, and they incur approximately 17 percent excise tax. Counties and cities can comfortably pivot their exercise tax by roughly 3 percent, depending on some instances.


The state allows an individual more than 21 years to consume, buy or possess an ounce of marijuana. They could also have roughly 8 grams of concentrated cannabis drug. Residents are allowed to grow at least six cannabis plants. Consuming marijuana publicly in California is illegal, or smoking it in your car. Its cannabis retail sales, specifically at the authorized dispensaries, are subjected to a certain standard sales tax alongside approximately 15 percent excise tax relief. Sometimes the state may implement additional taxes on the marijuana business empire.


Over 21 years in Maine are allowed to possess about 2.5 marijuana ounces as well as consuming or smoking it. They are permitted to cultivate around six cannabis plants and 12 immature marijuana plants at their compound at go. In addition, the state has recently authorized retail businesses to operate marijuana-associated activities despite many providers encountering limited product supplies.

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