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Long Island Speeding Ticket Lawyer

It can happen to just about anyone. You might be running late for work and pushing the speed limit so that you can try to get to your job on time, or you might be distracted and might find yourself driving faster than you meant to. In these cases, it can be easy to get a speeding ticket, even if you are generally a safe driver and a law-abiding citizen. You do not have to handle your speeding ticket alone, however. Instead, a Long Island speeding ticket lawyer from our firm can help you with your situation.

Should You Plead Guilty to a Speeding Ticket?

Some people think that the easiest course of action after receiving a speeding ticket is to simply pay the ticket and move on with their lives. It’s true that paying the speeding ticket can seem like the easiest option at first. For example, you can even pay many speeding tickets online, so you can quickly log in, provide your credit card information and pay your ticket. However, pleading guilty and paying a ticket might seem like the easy option right now, but it’s usually not the course of action.

A Long Island speeding ticket lawyer might be able to help you so that you do not have to plead guilty to your ticket at all. This can help you out later on and is the better choice for many drivers.

What Can Happen After a Speeding Ticket?

A speeding ticket might not really seem like a big deal. After all, it’s not considered a criminal violation in most cases, and it’s something that happens to many drivers over the course of their lives. However, a speeding ticket can affect you more than you might think.

For one thing, certain speeding tickets can actually cause you to lose your driving privileges for a specific period of time. Each speeding ticket or other moving violation comes with a certain number of “points” that are assessed against your driver’s license. These points can add up, and if you get more than 11 points in an 18-month period, your driving privilege will be suspended.

Also, even if you do not receive 11 points in the 18-month period, you will still have to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee to the State of New York after receiving six points.

Even if your driving privilege is not at risk, you could face other issues because of your speeding ticket. For example, depending on the industry that you are in, your employer might require you to maintain a good driving record. Pleading guilty or being found guilty of a speeding violation could jeopardize your job or could make it difficult for you to find another job later on.

Additionally, your car insurance rates could go up significantly if you are found guilty of a speeding violation, even if it’s your first offense. You could end up having to pay higher insurance premiums for several years after being found guilty or after pleading guilty and paying your fine.

How a Long Island Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help You

A Long Island speeding ticket lawyer has experience in helping individuals who are in the same situation that you are in right now, and a good attorney can provide you with a lot of insight and can help you with your case. Of course, each case is different, depending on how severe your speeding ticket is and what your previous driving record is like. This is why your lawyer will need to sit down and talk to you about your case to help determine the way to help you fight your ticket.

In some cases, your lawyer might ask that the court prove that you were, in fact, speeding. The accuracy of the radar that was used to detect your speed could be called into question. Your lawyer might also talk to you about taking a defensive driving class to help have your speeding charge dismissed or approved.

As you can see, you do not have to automatically plead guilty to your speeding ticket. In fact, in many cases, this is not the course of action to take at all. Instead, you should consider meeting with a Long Island speeding ticket lawyer so that you can find out more about how he or she can help you fight your ticket.

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