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Long Island Rape Lawyer

Rape crimes always come with a social stigma that never fades away more than any other type of crimes. The punishment for a sex crime felony violation harsher than a punishment for murder. Even if you are not sentenced to a life imprisonment, you will be sentenced to life for registering a sexual offender every year as it is stated in the Penal Code section 290 as well as being excommunicated from the society you live.

Most criminal defense lawyers, unfortunately, do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to defend and protect their clients in such types of cases and allegations. The best way such attorneys and lawyers can gain enough experience in dealing with such criminal cases is by working at the Sex Crimes Unit in the District Lawyer’s Office as well as investing in the time so as to have a clear understanding of what happens in the investigation courses, the important parts to note as a lawyer, how to halt the process of investigation, how where the weakness of the case is, how to convince the jury how not to get guilty, and how to get a favorable or dismissal plea.

A knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney dealing with crimes associated with sex crimes is always accompanied by a group of defense lawyers and team members that does not fail to include the forensic medical experts, a private investigator, polygraphist and psychologists who are always ready to work with you to stop the government as well as fight any type of accusation concerning rape. If you are facing any rape charges in a court of law, be sure to seek a free consultation session with the Long Island Law Attorneys immediately.

Long Island Rape Crimes Investigations
The term Sexual/Rape Assault cases encompass all crimes that are often covered in the Penal Code Sections 264.1, 262, 261.5, 261, and 220. Based on what is always portrayed on the television and media news, there is a big misconception about the Sexual/Rape Assault cases resemble. In most cases, these media houses and television channels portray sexual assault cases to be someone jumping from the bush to start raping a girl or woman he has stalked for some time. This is what comes to the minds of most people when they talk about such cases. However, they may not be far from the truth.

As a former Trail Firm Leader of the Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Unit at the office of the District Administration as well as being a criminal defense lawyer, I am in a good position to tell you all the Sexual/Rape Assault cases that involve the people who have known each other for some time. These two individuals went over for a drink on Saturday. They were too drunk that they woke up in the morning only to find that she was under the “buyer’s remorse” situation. In this case, she can make a rape case claim. In other words, the woman can make a claim because she was not willingly forced into the sex that was accomplished that night due to alcohol. Your life will become a nightmare once the police are called in.

Pretext Phone Calls during Investigations for Rape
The most common tool used by detectives is the pretext phone calls in rape cases because of its high chances of success. What happens during the pretext phone calls is that the woman will make allegations that the man crossed past her boundaries and that she was too drunk to accept the act of sex or she never agreed. The psychology behind this action is that they will trick the man to try to apologize for the act. In this case, the police have what they want.

Polygraph Exams during the Rape Investigations
They detectives will also use the tactic of suggesting that the accused agree to take a polygraph or detector test. You should understand that the polygraph never clears your name.
• Understand that you should never think that you can clear your name as an accused because there are an investigation and an accusation underway.
• Because these results cannot be accepted in court, there is no need to take this test. Polygraphs are tools that the police use to get you to admit or make a confession.
• You don’t need to lay focus on clearing your name if you are accused of rape. In such cases, understand that the criminal defense lawyers are for clearing your name and not anything else.

If you are under investigation for rape or accused of rape, you should never wait until you are arrested or officially charged to hire a lawyer. The right lawyer has the capability to clear your name and stop the investigation. If the charges are filed, it is time to get the lawyer commence the aggressive defense that includes consulting the medical forensics experts and interviewing the experts into the case.

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