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Long Island Promoting Prostitution Lawyer

Charges related to promoting prostitution is not just a legally damaging charge but can cause a great deal of harm in both your professional and personal life. Many people facing these charges aren’t just worried about the legal implications of them but the amount of damage done to their reputation. We have carefully navigated these types of cases and helped our clients avoid both legal and personal damage. Our over 50 years of combined legal experience helps us to know how to approach each of these cases from a legal and moral angle that benefits your reputation.

A charge of “Promoting prostitution” entails a range of offences. It might mean aiding a person to commit or engage in the crime of prostitution, seeking out clients for prostitution, or permitting a property you own to be used as a place where prostitution occurs. All of these charges are extremely serious and will require that you have a seasoned lawyer at your side in court. Laws will vary from state to state. We help to defend clients in the Long Island area from this type of charge.

Offenses Related To Promoting Prostitution

Promoting prostitution is a wide ranging offence. If you allow your home or business residence to be used for the act of prostitution, you might have promoted prostitution. If you’ve helped a prostitute find clients, you’re also engaging in promotion of prostitution. What’s most important to remember isn’t the charge itself but the defense against it.

We analyze every aspect of your charge and find suitable defenses for your specific situation. These can be very sensitive matters and we understand why a charge like this isn’t just a run of the mill accusation. Your personal reputation is at stake here, not just your legal future. It’s extremely important for us to take care of these matters of reputation management as well as tackling this tough legal charge.

Promoting prostitution varies in severity. There is fourth, third, second, and first degree promotion of prostitution in New York, with first degree being the most serious. It is a Class B felony and carries with it a prison sentence of up to 25 years. In contrast, fourth degree promoting prostitution carries with it up to a year in jail and is only a class A misdemeanor. As you can see, the penalties for this crime can be extremely serious and it’s important to have a knowledgeable lawyer at your disposal to explain exactly what the charges are and what kind of jail time you might be facing. Felony promoting prostitution is always going to require more legal resources than a misdemeanor, but in this kind of charge it’s helpful to have a lawyer no matter what classification your crime is. Hiring a lawyer makes sense for a number of reasons, but mostly so that you can be assured that your charges are dismissed, reduced, or receive the least harshest penalty possible. This is your life at stake. We’re here to defend it.

How We Can Help You

Hiring a lawyer to fight a promoting prostitution charge is your first step to defending your freedom. We have over 5 decades of experience defending cases just like this, with a 99% success rate. That means when we go to bat for our clients, our clients get the outcome they desire, whether it’s having charges dismissed completely or having a favorable sentence that might include probation instead of jail. We’re very aggressive with these types of charges because they are more than just an attack on your freedom. They are an attack on your reputation and standing in the community.

If you’ve been charged with promoting prostitution, don’t wait another hour before calling into our law offices. We are here to represent you in the Long Island area and ensure that you get fair, aggressive, and successful representation in your legal proceedings. From day one, we analyze your case, scour over information that is beneficial to you, and then develop a legal defense that will give you the positive outcome to your case that you need.

We offer a completely free consultation about your legal matter. You can get this consultation over the phone or in person, anywhere you choose. We have no problem visiting our clients at a place that’s convenient to them. From day one, your case is going to be all about you and defending both your freedom and reputation. We love our job because it gives us the opportunity to see that justice is done in each and every case. When we take on a case like this one, we never cease fighting on your behalf and gathering all of the facts so that they work in your favor. Call us today and rest easy.

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