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Long Island Probation Lawyer

When you are placed on probation by a court of law, you must follow certain restrictions in your lifestyle that will determine whether or not you successfully complete probation or go to prison. If that sounds serious to you, it’s because it is. Probation, especially felony probation, is going to require you to follow a higher standard of conduct than a normal citizen. For this reason, most people on probation choose to retain a lawyer to advise them about their code of conduct and possible consequences during the time they are on probation. If you’ve been placed on misdemanor or felony probation, it’s to your benefit to get a completely free in-person or over the phone consultation with one of our many experienced probation lawyers.

Important Probation Laws

Being on probation is a tricky time for people. There are many rules, big and little, which don’t exist if you’re not under court restrictions. Despite the additional rules, it’s the responsibility of the probationer to know the terms of their probation. If violated, it could result in penalties or even complete revocation of probation. There’s no need to let this happen to you. Our lawyers have over 50 years of experience protecting the rights of probationers. We know the law and we know it well. With our guidance, our clients can successfully complete the terms of their probation and move on to a better way of life.

To give you an idea of some common probation rules, here are just a few of them. The terms of probation will vary from person to person, depending on the charges that they were placed on probation for.

Common probation rules

– Probationer to avoid businesses whose primary business is to serve alcohol (For example, bars)

– Probationer not to consume drugs or alcohol

– Probationer will submit to drug tests

– Probationer will not have contact with those in prison systems or felons

– Probationer will observe a curfew (For example, not be out after 11 PM)

Not everyone will be subject to these rules and regulations while on probation. The judge will determine the method of rehabilitation for each individual probationer, but it is common that probationers are not to go to bars or consume alcohol while on probation. Felony probationers are under stricter rules than misdemeanor probationers and will frequently have to submit to more drug tests, open their homes to probation officers if asked in the manner of home visits, and report more frequently to the probation office to report progress, moves, or other life changes.

If all of these rules sound restrictive, it’s because they are, and they can get complicated in a hurry. Many probationers may violate their probation and not even know that they’ve violated it. Without the help of a great lawyer, probation can be a stressful and non-productive time for probationers. It’s our job to see to it that you follow your probation down to the letter of the law and that you never have to worry if what you are doing in your everyday life is a violation of your probation.

How We Can Help You

Our experienced, tough team of probation lawyers will be on your side from day one. We thoroughly go over the terms of your probation with you and answer any and all of your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We consider every probation client to be one of our own team and we collaborate with clients to make sure that they are following the terms of probation.

If you’re not hiring us because you fear you can’t afford our services, please reconsider and give us a try. Not only do we have some of the most affordable rates for our clients, but we also offer extremely flexible payment plans to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get representation during their probation. This not only helps us financially, but you as well, because when you have a great probation lawyer on your side, you don’t have to worry about excessive court fines or probation violations that require even more of a drain on your resources. If the lawyer is good enough, they will inevitably save you money during your difficult probationary period.

Give us a call today. We’re available everyday of the week to serve you. We offer a free consultation either on the phone or in-person and it’s during this time that we can work with you to determine your course of action during your probation. We look forward to helping you use your probationary period as a time to rebuild your life, worry free, because you’ll always have the probation lawyers in the business to answer your questions

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