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Long Island Nurse Practitioner Defense Lawyers

You have worked hard to become a professional nurse. The years you spent in school, the hours you spent studying for your licensing exam, and the many sacrifices you have made to enter and succeed in the profession are worth a great deal. You should not have it all taken away from you because of a baseless accusation.

The moment you are informed that you are being investigated by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) or the Office of Professional Discipline (OPD) you should contact a Long Island nurse practitioner lawyer. Such lawyers are ready to act immediately on your behalf, and the earlier you involve them the better chance they have of fending off an action that can lead to the loss of your license.

If the disciplinary action has already started, the lawyer you hired can work with you to build up a strong defense. You want a lawyer who is experienced and has extensive expertise in handling such cases. You also want a lawyer who will be transparent, honest, and straightforward with you. It is important to know where you stand in relation to the law and the evidence against you. The loss of your nursing license and your career can be devastating. Although the nurse practitioner lawyer you hire will do everything to defend you, they can also help you prepare for the future if things do not go your way.

Accusations That Can Lead to Loss of License

If you are like most nurses, you put patients first. You entered the field to help people and ensure that the ill who come under your care are nurtured back to health. You must carry out a variety of tasks to fulfill your role as nurse practitioner. This makes you vulnerable to accusations of all sorts when treatment does not go as planned or people in your care misread a situation. You are also open to attack by colleagues who may have their own motives for wanting to see your career tumble into ruins.

Here are some of the accusations that, if proven, can lead to the loss of your license:

  1. Working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

It is illegal for any nurse to come on duty after consuming drugs or alcohol. Doing so can put patients in danger. This is a serious charge. The person bringing it must have concrete evidence that you had such substances in your system while on duty. Hearsay is not enough to prove your guilt. If you are innocent, the lawyer you hire will ensure that you are properly defended against this charge.

  1. Gross negligence

Negligence can also endanger the lives of patients. However, there is a difference between a patient not responding to a course of treatment and you failing to do your job correctly, thoroughly, and professionally. Your lawyer can defend you against unfounded accusations of gross neglect.

  1. Inappropriate activity with patients

Patients can often misread the actions and sentiments of nurse practitioners. You may have grown very fond of a particular patient and went the extra mile to comfort them. However, you did not cross the boundary into in appropriateness—at least not while they were still under your care. If you have established a relationship with a patient well after they left your care, it is a private matter and the charge of professional misconduct cannot be levelled at you. Hiring a lawyer will help you sort these matters out and clear your name.

  1. Criminal acts

As a nurse practitioner, you are in a position of great power and influence over their patients. You see them daily and you provide them with the care and support they need to get better. Unfortunately, some nurses use this position to carry out criminal acts against especially vulnerable patients. If you have been accused of theft, fraud, sexual assault, or any other such illegal act, you need legal representation.

  1. Misrepresentation of your personal history

Before you are granted a license and allowed to practice you will have to undergo a background check. The information you submit for this screening must be accurate and truthful. If you have been accused of failing to report prior criminal charges or otherwise misrepresenting your past, you can lose your license.

Defending Your License and Career

You have worked hard to earn trust and respect in your field. You have excelled as a nurse and your future is bright. You should not allow yourself to be taken down by unsubstantiated charges of malpractice or criminality. Hiring a nurse practitioner lawyer will help you defend yourself before the professional board that will investigate and decide on your case. The lawyer you hire will do their utmost to ensure that you leave the hearing with your career and reputation intact.

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