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Introduction to Misdemeanor Law

A misdemeanor is less serious than a felony but it can still carry jail time with it, so it’s definitely still a very serious offense. They can range from minor charges that carry a few days in jail to more serious misdemeanors which can carry months in jails. The difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is that a felony is indictable and a misdemeanor isn’t. Another difference is in the amount of jail time. A felony will carry over a year in jail while a misdemeanor will be a year or less.

Categories of crime begin things. For example, assault is a broad ranging offense which can be a misdemeanor or a felony. The difference will be in the severity of the assault and this will determine whether it is misdemeanor assault or felony assault. It ranges from misdemeanor (threatening to cause harm) to felony (actually causing bodily injury). In-between these two extremes are varying levels of misdemeanor and felony classifications, all of them depending on the result of the type of assault.

Misdemeanors are still serious charges and you need a good lawyer to defend you against them. In a lot of our cases, we’re able to have the misdemeanor thrown out entirely, relieving you of any kind of punishment for the crime. When we can’t do this, we can have the charges reduced for you.

Common Misdemeanors

To better explain misdemeanors to you, it’s good to have an idea of some common ones that are committed. This will show you the types of crimes that might fit into the legal category of misdemeanor. Here are just a few common misdemeanors:

– Public intoxication
– Petty theft
– Reckless driving
– 1st offense drunk driving with no bodily injury to someone
– Prostitution

If you’re charged with these crimes, just know that they’re more serious than an infraction. You can get jail time in the county jail and in some cases, you will get just that if you don’t contact a lawyer who can help you in the courtroom. You’re much less likely to get jail time for a misdemeanor if you show the court you’re serious and have a lawyer on your side. In many cases, this will show the court that you want to take responsibility for your charge but also want to avoid time in jail.

We’ve got a long track record of helping our clients stay out of jail and reducing their fines and consequences. 99% of our clients receive exactly the outcome they wanted to receive from our legal expertise. We’re proud of that track record and work hard on each case to ensure that our success, and yours, continues in the future.

How We Can Help You

When you’re charged with a misdemeanor, the first thing you should do is call us for a free consultation. We’ll meet with you in person or discuss your case with you over the phone to determine if our legal services can help you. It’s our goal to communicate clearly with our clients up front, especially about legal fees, so that we are all on the same page and have a mutually beneficial relationship with one another.

What we bring to the table is over 5 decades of legal experience in handling misdemeanor cases. We’ve handled even the toughest of felony cases, so rest assured that when you hire us for a misdemeanor case, you’re going to get the outcome you desire. We work with a vast history of legal experience and have likely addressed a case just like yours in court. When we go into legal battles, we come armed with the most current and updated of all legal information about defenses that may benefit your case.

Whether you’re charged with misdemeanor assault or a simple case of public intoxication, we’re going to be able to either get your charges thrown out, reduced, or worked out favorably through a trial. It’s something that we’ve been doing for over 50 years of combined experience, and you can bet that when you call us to handle your case, things are already going to be looking up for your chances of braving your way through this charge.

Don’t let legal fees scare you either, We’re one of the most affordable criminal law firms around, and when you can’t pay outright, we work out flexible payments terms with you that will enable you to have a lawyer without having to suffer financially for it. Give us a call today and give yourself the chance to avoid jail time and lengthy court battles. We’re waiting to serve you.

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