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Long Island Driver License Suspension Lawyer

What Is A Suspended Driver’s License?
Perhaps one of the worst things that could happen when you are stopped by an officer is to find out that your driver’s license is suspended. There are several reasons as to why this might occur. Most of the time, you’re alerted to this change so that you can plan accordingly instead of driving. However, if the insurance company or DMV office is unable to contact you, then there is a chance that you won’t know that your license is suspended until you’re stopped. A suspension doesn’t mean that your license is revoked. It simply means that there is a certain length of time that the license isn’t active. You will need to complete the proper steps in order for the license to be reinstated so that you can legally drive.

One of the variations of a suspended license is that it’s definite. You’re given a specific time frame for the license to be inactive, and if you’ve paid the required fines and performed the other requirements, then the suspension is lifted. On the other hand, an indefinite suspension means that it won’t be activated again until there is some kind of action that takes place on your part. There are also times when a review board will indefinitely suspend your license if you have a medical condition or if you fail to pay child support that is court ordered. If you’re caught driving with a suspended license, then there are more fines you have to worry about and the possibility that your license will be revoked. A revocation means that you will be unable to get a license again until you contact the DMV and plead your case to them.

What Are Reasons For A License To Be Suspended?
A common reason for your license to be suspended is because of the number of points that you have accumulated. There is a system in most states that involves assigning a certain number of points to each offense that is committed while driving. When you have reached a certain number of points on your license, then it will be suspended or revoked. This kind of suspension usually only lasts for a specified length of time, and as long as you have no more points, then your license will be reinstated.

If you are a habitual offender, which means that you continue to make the same offenses while driving, then your license will usually be suspended. You might be ordered to attend classes or pay fines in order for the license to be reinstated. Most offenses need to occur within a designated period of time, such as 12 months, in order for you to be considered a habitual offender.

There are a few issues that are serious in nature that result in a license suspension. These issues often result in an immediate suspension instead of a graduated time frame where you are given a few chances to stop violating driving laws before your license is suspended. One issue is a DWI or DUI. If you’re involved in any kind of felony while driving, then your license is usually suspended right away. Leaving an accident scene or fleeing the police are other circumstances when the license will be suspended without question. With these issues, it’s sometimes harder to have your license reinstated.

If you are caught driving without insurance, then there is a possibility that your license will be suspended. However, some states do allow for a grace period to show that you have a current insurance policy and that there have been no accidents while driving with no insurance. At times, you might not know that your insurance has been canceled, which is why there is usually a short period of time to get the issue taken care of before the license is suspended.

If your license is suspended, then you want to talk to an attorney who can help with getting it active as soon as possible. When you meet with the attorney, take any documents or receipts that show proof of payments made or issues that have been corrected so that they can be turned in to the proper authorities. Your attorney can go before the judge to ask that your license is reinstated because of the actions that you have taken.

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