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Long Island Deportation Lawyers31 May 2018

If you are not a United States citizen and you have been taken into custody by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement and as a result are facing possible deportation, it is important that you speak with the experience lawyers with NYC Criminal Attorneys. You will want to be advised of the options available to you before accepting any type of plea agreement. You may be eligible for relief from deportation, but not if you plead guilty to a crime before seeking proper legal representation.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement can use the crime or crimes to which you plead guilty against you. Even if they are minor violations such as misdemeanor, or convictions from the past that ended with parole, the charges can still result in your being placed in holding and possibly deportation.

Even if you have a green card, minor infractions can result in your being placed in immigration custody. You could be held in detention indefinitely during removal procedures for indefinite amounts of time. During the time you are held you may not have contact with your family, or could be placed in a holding facility far away from them. The sooner you get qualified legal counsel the more protection that will be available to you.


Mandatory Deportation


The Immigration and Nationality Act established broad categories that divide non-citizens lists susceptible to mandatory detention based on certain crimes and security related violations. The United States government can hold permanent residents who are in the country legally without individual bond hearings to determine if they pose a danger to the community or if they are a flight risk.

People released from physical custody, or criminal custody, after October 8, 1998 are subject to mandatory detention even if they are not sentenced to incarceration for the crimes.


Crimes that can cause deportation


• Domestic violence
• Child abuse or child endangerment
• Sex crimes – including rape, sex abuse, and child molestation
• Murder
• Theft or robbery
• Weapons violations
• Fraud or identity theft

Many non-citizen residents may be eligible for a stay from deportation. An experienced criminal immigration attorney will be able to explain the options available for each individual’s particular circumstances.

Call NYC Criminal Attorneys before being placed in removal proceedings in order to be prepared for your case. There are many factors that go into judges’ decisions concerning deportation waivers including how long you have been in the United States, your employment status and history, your tax history, and how established your immediate family is in the country.


Other factors that may help your case are being involved in the community, church, or volunteer work. Consideration will also be given to the problems and hardship that would befall any United States citizen family members left in the country after deportation.


Forms of deportation relief


• Status adjustment
• Canceled deportation
• Suspension of removal
• Asylum
• Voluntary deportation
• Wavers

Almost all deportation cases are appealed after the initial ruling in immigration court. Then the proceedings must go through motions, and many cases wind up in federal court litigation. If you win your case for a stay in immigration court, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement can, and likely will, appeal the immigration judges’ decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals. You also have the right to appeal if you lose and do not need to find yourself in a position without adequate legal protection.

Whether facing immigration court, filing an appeal, or are awaiting federal court be prepared by calling the caring associate at NYC Criminal Attorneys today. When your future depends on it – you deserve the .

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