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Long Island Criminal Deportation Defense Lawyer12 Jun 2018

If an individual has been granted permanent residency in the United States, he or she may still face deportation if certain criminal offenses have been violated. When an individual is charged with a deportable offense, it is vital that he or she contact an experienced Long Island criminal deportation attorney.

When certain immigration laws are violated in the United States, deportation is the harshest consequence an individual can receive. Although a minor conviction that occurred years ago may seem insignificant, it can still result in deportation if an individual is found guilty.

What are Some Criminal Offenses That Can Result in Deportation?
Although there are many criminal offenses that could lead to deportation, here are some of the most commonly seen:
Child abuse
Domestic violence
Aggravated felonies
Crimes of moral turpitude

What are Crimes of Moral Turpitude?
New York defines crimes of moral turpitude as criminal offenses that are in violation of decent community standards and are shocking to the conscience of the public. These criminal offenses are typically thought to be excessively shameful and wicked as well as stray from the expected standards of morality. If an alien resident is convicted of a criminal offense that involves mortal turpitude within five years after coming to the United States, and if he or she receives a prison sentence of one year as a result of the conviction, it could lead to deportation. In addition, when an individual is convicted of two crimes that did not happen in a single act of criminal behavior, it could also result in deportation.

Here are examples of crimes of moral turpitude that could result in deportation:
Rape and statutory rape
Possession of child pornography
Murder or attempted murder
Assault with intent to commit murder or robbery
Child abuse or neglect
Most instances of fraud
Voluntary or reckless manslaughter
Willful tax evasion
Aiding and abetting the commission of a crime of moral turpitude
Burglary involving intent of moral turpitude
Conspiracy against the United States

When an individual is facing a charge that could lead to deportation, it is imperative that he or she contact a Long Island criminal deportation attorney for legal advice, which will significantly increase the chances of a successful outcome. In New York, deportation proceedings are typically very complex and require legal expertise to get the results. The way to ensure that your rights are protected is to seek advice from a Long Island criminal deportation lawyer.

It is important to note that an individual who is a non-citizen could have his or her chances of permanent residency in the United States eliminated if they are convicted a deportation crime. Here are some consequences that could happen if an individual is convicted of a deportation crime in the United States:
Denial of asylum
Cancellation of permanent residency and deportation
Suspension of your right to voluntary departure
Inability to achieve suspension or cancellation of removal
Permanent exclusion from the United States
Refusal of recognized good moral character (this is mandatory for United States citizenship)
Ineligibility for permanent residency or naturalization

What You Can do to Prevent Deportation
A Long Island criminal deportation attorney can present you with the most effective approach to your situation to prevent deportation. In addition, if an individual has already been found guilty, offered a guilty plea, or entered a plea of no contest, an attorney can still take action by filing an appeal and/or a motion to vacate. There is also other post-conviction relief that a skilled Long Island criminal deportation attorney can provide those at risk of deportation.

If you have been accused of a criminal offense that could lead to deportation, it is important to contact a Long Island criminal deportation defense attorney immediately. If an attorney can take action early in your case, the chances of a just outcome will significantly rise. An criminal deportation defense attorney will review the charges to see if a reduction or removal of charges is warranted. There may have been specific procedures that were violated during the arrest, or there could be insufficient evidence that could warrant a dismissal of charges. In the event the court proceeds with a criminal deportation case, an attorney may be able to reduce the charges to a non-deportable criminal charge.

To ensure that your immigration status stays in good standing, you should hire an attorney who understands criminal law and immigration law. This is imperative because a lawyer with experience in criminal law and immigration law can take a comprehensive approach to the case. If you are in need of a Long Island criminal deportation attorney, contact us today. Our legal team is skilled and has the experience that is needed to handle criminal deportation cases.

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