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Internet Crime Attorney2 Feb 2019

To remain relevant in today’s world, businesses and individuals need a digital presence. This means that highly sensitive information is exchanged and stored online. It’s, therefore, no surprise that cyber and internet crimesare on the rise now more than ever. Governments have intensified their investigations and enforcement in a bid to fight cybercrimes. The internet is highly unregulated, and it is very easy to find yourself in the middle of an internet crime investigation. The response to such a charge is to hire a cybercrime defense attorney.

Forms of Internet Crimes

While this list keeps growing, there are several types of cybercrimes considered illegal. They include:

Internet Fraud

When you deceitfully get someone to give up something (mostly money) that they would not have otherwise relinquished, then this is considered fraud. If this act happens online, it is termed as internet fraud. The most common forms of cybercrime fraud include merchandise fraud, phishing, advance fee fraud, lottery scams and work at home scams.

Cyber Stalking

Cyber stalking refers to making threats or harassing someone such that they fear for their safety. When this happens in the online space, it is termed as cyber stalking. This can be done via emails or other online media platforms.

Identity Theft

Identity theft involves the acquisition of personal data forunlawful use. Individuals or website owners can do this. Businesses operating online are required to have a confidentiality clause that states that they will not share personal data with outside sources.


Contrary to common belief, it does not take a genius to be a hacker. According to the law, accessing, deleting, copying, altering or using classified data for personal gain is hacking. This means that almost anyone who can use a computer can be charged with hacking. Cases such as copying content can appear minor. However, a cybercrime charge should not be taken lightly. You stand to face jail time and hefty fines.

What Are The Defenses in Cybercrime Violations?

Several acts can constitute to cybercrime. It is easy to find yourself facing charges that you are innocent of. Even in cases where you are convinced of your innocence, you still need to consult with a cybercrime attorney. You can easily be framed for internet crimes. You need to arm yourself with a criminal defense attorney. Several defenses are applicable in cybercrime violations.


Organizations have clearance levels for their employees. If you are accused of illegal access and you have the authorization, then this cannot hold in court.

Lack of knowledge

Cybercrime convictions require full knowledge and intent to commit a crime. The prosecutor must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant intended to commit fraud. For instance, if you act on data that you did not know was fake, then the charges can be dropped.


There are instances when one can be coerced to commit a cybercrime with the threat on their life or on that of a loved one. This often happens when classified data is being accessed. If you can prove an actual or perceived reasonable threat, then you can argue on the basis of coercion. The threat needs to be reasonable. For instance, loss of a job is not a justifiable reason to commit a cybercrime.

A Cybercrime Charge Should Not be Taken Lightly

There is a growing list regarding internet crimes. It increases the risk of exposure. Furthermore, numerous laws govern such cases. This makes it even more complicated. Cybercrime investigations can also be lengthy and strenuous. The legal process is often stressful and emotionally draining. It is ill-advised to go it alone. Remember that you need to carry on with your life, and you need a lawyer fighting for you. There is also a negative impact on your reputation and image, especially at work. A lawyer can speed up the process to ensure that the matter is settled in the shortest time possible.

A conviction can mean the loss of your job, possible incarceration and hefty fines. With so much at stake, you need to ensure that you have the legal defense team. If your company is charging you with a cybercrime, they will hire the lawyers and so should you.

Defending Against Internet Crimes In New York City

There are many different types of Internet crimes. Two common Internet crimes are child pornography and fraud. If you’re living in New York City and facing internet crime accusations, you could be facing some serious punishments. You need to consult with us and tell us about the charges you’re facing. We have the knowledge, resources, and skills that can help you beat the charges you’re facing. If you or someone you know happens to be facing criminal charges, it’s essential to consult with a good attorney. Most Internet crimes are prosecuted on the federal level, which is why they’re so serious. Our lawyers can handle a number of different Internet-related charges.Some of these charges are cyber stalking, fraud crimes, identity theft, Internet scams, viruses, hacking and software piracy. We can also help fight charges that are related to the distribution or possession of child pornography. After you’ve been arrested in New York City for an Internet-related crime, you need to call us. An experienced defense attorney could be your only way out of a serious situation.

If you have charges against you, then you could be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor; it depends on the specific circumstances surrounding your individual case. If you’re convicted of such crimes, you could be facing community service, probation, restitution, huge fines or jail time. You could potentially end up with a combination of the above penalties.

Once you’ve been convicted of an Internet-related crime, it can negatively affect your reputation, employment and personal relationships. If you’re convicted of possessing or distributing child pornography, you will have to register yourself as a sex offender, and public databases make it easy for anyone to see if you’re a convicted sex offender.

It doesn’t matter what specific charges you might be facing; you need help from an experienced NYC criminal attorney. It’s crucial to get help as soon as possible. You should never talk to law enforcement without your attorney being present. By hiring an attorney as early as possible, you will be able to lessen your chances of being convicted of the charges you’re facing.

To build a reliable defense, you need an NYC attorney. We fight very hard to keep you out of custody, and we want to make sure you don’t end up with a conviction. To schedule a consultation, give us a call.

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