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Immigration Fraud30 Jan 2019

Marrying An American Citizen Americans can fall in love with people from other nations. If someone travels abroad, they might meet another person and develop a romance. The same is true of people who become naturalized American citizens. They may have a person they love back home and wish to marry. Marrying an American citizen or even getting engaged to one has certain benefits. An American citizen can sponsor that person for a visa. This process can be complicated and may take multiple steps to complete. It can also require a great deal of documentation. Such applications are often closely watched in order to make sure the partnership is a valid one. A single mistake can easily lead to possible charges. Officials may allege that people have deliberately conspired to evade American laws. Apply for Asylum Another way that people can ask for the right to move to the United States by applying for a process that is known as asylum. This process is one that means they are allowed to seek refuge in the United States because conditions are unfavorable in their home countries. Highly specific laws govern the process of asylum. People who wish to apply for this form of entry may face increased scrutiny by officials in order to make their claims are valid under state, local and international laws. Multiple laws may apply in this case that must be followed in order for the person to get the results they are seeking. This form of immigration may require the person to speak to several officials and have the case heard. If there are problems with the person’s stories in any way, the officials may decide the person’s story does not meet the criteria necessary and may be accused of fraud. Providing Inaccurate Information People who are seeking valid admission to the United States are not the only ones who may be facing immigration fraud charges. Some people may have attempted to defraud those who are seeking legal entry into the United States. They may have made promises they were unable to make by law or even fabricated fake documents that look like a passport or a green card but aren’t. People who want to enter the country but have done without permission still have certain rights. One of those rights is the right to avoid being scammed by people in this country. Such charges are serious and taken seriously by American legal officials. All such instances of possible accusations of immigration fraud are served by help from an immigration lawyer with a background in the subject. A lawyer can help anyone accused of any form of immigration fraud. Lawyers have the right to represent Americans as well as foreign nationals who are present. They can work closely with people of all backgrounds to create an effective defense that avoids potentially serious legal consequences. A lawyer can also help any potential immigrant get in touch with legal authorities in their original countries in order to get additional legal help from international experts who may understand laws in their home country as well as laws in this one.]]>

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