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Immigration Fraud Defense Attorney30 Jan 2019

asylumfrom possible persecution in their own lands. They also wish to come to the United States to seek economic opportunities that are not available in the land of their birth. Some people want to enter the United States in order to join a loved one they’ve married or because their parents have already entered the country. While it is possible to move to the United States legally, it is also possible to make mistakes when applying to come here. The American government looks for those who may have broken American immigration laws and may penalize them. Forms of Violations Given that applying to enter the Unites States can be quite complex, it is no surprise that people an make mistakes when they are going through process. People who seek asylum may run into language difficulties and may not be able to understand what they are being asked when they fill out any forms. In doing so, they can make certain mistakes and misrepresent the reasons they are fleeing their homelands. The same is true for those who want to seek employment in the United States. They may have run into difficulties filling out forms and making sure that all is done correctly. People may wish to move here because they married a United States citizen. However, the marriage may be have been arranged in order to bring that person to the country rather than for reasons of love. Others may run into issues because they have helped bring someone into the country even though that person does not have the legal right to be in the country. American government officials view all potential immigration fraud carefully. There are many potential penalties for possible violation of American immigration laws. People who are found guilty can be facing possible deportation. They can also be facing a prison term. Immigration fraud is considered a felony under American laws. Felonies are a very serious crime that can create all sorts of issues for those who have been convicted. A convicted felon may be unable to hold certain jobs. People who have been convicted of a felony may also be barred from applying to come back to the United States and barred from returning to the country entirely even if they are married or if that person is directly related to an American citizen. In Good Faith Most people who attempt to enter the United States do so in good faith. A person may be told they have a genuine case for asylum and may have attempted to cross into the country on that basis. The same is true of people who get married or those who bring a child with them as they seek the right to enter the country. This is why it is important to make sure that any application for admission to the United States is done carefully. A minor slip or slightly inaccurate statement about the applicant’s circumstances can have major consequences. The applicant may find that American government officials are not always inclined to believe them even if they are stating the truth. Officials have enormous power when it comes to determining if someone has the right to remain in the country and if they might face any penalties for any perceived wrongdoing. This is why anyone who is accused of any kind of immigration fraud should make sure they have the possible immigration fraud attorney on their side. The immigration attorney can take them through the process of learning what might have gone wrong. For instance, there might be an issue with the filing of paperwork that was not quite completed accurately. They can make sure that all the facts of the matter come out to those officials in charge of making such life changing decisions. They offer the council anyone needs if they are facing such a legal charge.]]>

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