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Fraud Information21 Jul 2016

When you’re trying to look into the penal law, it can often be a complicated or even downright confusing process, and it seems like there’s good reason for this. The letter of the law wasn’t necessarily written for the average person, but more for lawyers who have had extensive experience not just working within the law but also interpreting and exploring it to see how they can benefit their clients. With that said, it’s pretty easy to start making sense of the law once you take it apart and break it down into simple parts that are easy to understand. In this post we’re going to take a look at different crimes of fraud, what their definitions and punishments are, as well as possible legal defenses that might apply to your particular case.


There are actually many different kinds of fraud, including issuing a bad check and false advertising. Some other types of fraud are criminal sale of a police uniform, unlawfully concealing a will, misconduct by some kind of corporate official, and also criminal usury. Making some sort of scheme to defraud also falls under this umbrella term of fraud, as does even something like an unauthorized radio transmission. While those are frauds that are more concerned with physical objects, there’s also the crime of identity theft, which of course is slightly different in nature but is still considered to be a part of this. Depending on the actual charge you’re looking at, you could be either facing a misdemeanor or felony, which can result in a fine and/or imprisonment, so it’s that you understand the charge that you’re facing before you look for the right legal counsel for your particular case. It’s also important to understand that you can also count on a few legal defenses that might apply to your situation, which will definitely help you to perhaps reduce or even drop the charges that you might be facing. Let’s take a look at some of these defenses.


Even though you could potentially be facing a felony with one of these fraud charges, there are still options at your disposal when it comes to defenses that you can use. One of these options is to assert that you were younger than twenty-one when you committed the crime, and that you had something like fraudulent ID only so that you could buy alcohol. On a similar note, you could also insist that you were younger than eighteen and were only using the ID to purchase cigarettes or other tobacco products. Another related defense is to claim that you were using someone else’s ID to get into a restricted area, or something similar. By using one of these defenses, you can potentially get your charges dropped altogether, or at the very least get them reduced.

While the legalese of the penal code is fairly tough to penetrate and can oftentimes leave people confused and bewildered, it’s important to remember that it can be understood through parsing out what the meaning behind the words are instead of just the words themselves. Once you take the definitions, the punishments, and the defenses and lay them out in a relatively easy to understand way like how we just did in this post, everything becomes that much simpler to understand. So if you’re facing legal troubles and feel like you have a defense that applies to one of the defenses that was listed earlier in this post, it’s that you reach out today and get the right counsel for the job. We’ll be happy to help.

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