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Forging a Prescription for a Narcotic Drug21 Jul 2016

In recent years, there has been a major issue with narcotic drugs getting into the hands of the wrong individuals within the United States. Part of this has been due to individuals who have written forged prescriptions for the drugs. What has happened as a result of these falsely written prescriptions is that it has made the possibility exist of even more harmful drugs being produced as a result. This is precisely why there has been a major movement to crack down on the forgery of prescriptions within the United States and particularly, in the state of New York. What is important to understand about an offense such as this is that it has very serious consequences due to the government’s interest in protecting citizens from having access to harmful substances.

Consequences of Forging a Prescription for a Narcotic Drug

The charge of forging a prescription is a complicated charge to prove because it is quite difficult to demonstrate the party’s intent to forge the prescription or to catch them in the act of actually doing so. That being said, New York Penal Law 170.10(5) states that an individual who created, drafted or altered a prescription fraudulently is guilty of Forgery in the Second Degree. Usually, evidence regarding a crime of this nature is obtained from a search or a vehicle, proof from the pharmacist who intercepted to false prescription or even a person’s clothing. Regardless of how the evidence is obtained, any sort of conviction from forging a prescription for a narcotic could have a punishment for up to seven years in a state prison. This is precisely why charges of this nature should not be taken lightly and why obtaining legal counsel is highly recommended.

How an Attorney Can Help Your Case

If you are facing charges connected to forging a prescription for a narcotic, it is essential to work with an attorney in order to have the possible outcome for your case. There are many possible defenses that you could assert given how difficult it is for the prosecution to prove the intent that you had to actually forge the prescription. Meeting with one of our attorneys for a consultation appointment is a wise idea so that you are able to discuss the individual circumstances of your case and see if there is a possible defense for you to assert. By doing so, there is a potential to shed years of your sentence or to have your charges dropped all together. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience with criminal law within the state of New York and will be able to provide you both competent and diligent representation. In order to learn more about how our attorneys are different from the rest and we can help you in your upcoming case, please do not hesitate to contact our office today and schedule your consultation appointment. We would be elated to assist you in your upcoming case and ultimately, provide you with the desired outcome that you seek.

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