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June 30, 2020
Cigna Managers Can Easily Find Audit Defense Attorneys
Now, more than ever, it is important that Cigna pharmacists and pharmacy managers follow all of the audit criteria in their specific state. This information may change annually, so it’s important to be up to date with it at all times. Audit criteria may consist of filling out forms dealing with the number of clients you have seen on an annual basis. It may also deal with accounting for every dollar received and spent throughout the year. With technologies always changing and digital information easily getting lost, Cigna pharmacists and managers can easily and instantly go through an audit attack from the government.

Audits can be chosen if certain information is given to the government, but lots of times it is just the roll of the dice. If you find yourself going through an audit attack, it would be best to contact a defense attorney immediately. There are several ways in which you can accomplish that.

Reach Out To Your Competitors

As a pharmacist or pharmacy manager at Cigna, you may not speak with your competitors every day, but you will most likely see them at government policy meetings, or maybe you all even eat at the same restaurant. Regardless of how you connect with them, it is important to find out what attorney(s) they work with during an audit attack. Speaking with numerous competitors will grant you the best results.

Find An Attorney With The Right Experience

Finding an attorney with the right experience is another route to take. You can research defense attorneys in your area on your computer or mobile device and within law magazines. The goal is to find an attorney with audit experience. Not only should the attorney you choose know the ins and outs of an audit, but he/she should also have a good record for wins with respect to audit healthcare cases.

The Names Raiser And Kenniff Will Get The Job Done

A solid illustration of audit attack defense attorneys would be Raiser And Kenniff. Successfully representing audit defendants in New York City and the surrounding areas, Raiser And Kenniff built an outstanding reputation that gets better on a daily basis. Much of their success is due to their policy of hiring attorneys with secondary backgrounds. An example of this is all of the attorneys they have on staff with a deep background in audits. Many of these attorneys also have healthcare audit experience. This helps the defendant because Raiser And Kenniff attorneys will be able to point things out and explain situations in a way they could not be pointed out or explained by a different attorney.

Take Advantage of Free Consultations

You should take advantage of free consultations. Every attorney you meet with will have a different opinion on what will happen with your case. It’s important to know what all of your options are before agreeing to something with the court or taking your case to trial. This process also gives you the ability to choose an attorney within the means of your budget.

Mistakes Don’t Dictate Your Future

If you made an honest mistake on a form or accidentally listed the wrong price on a procedure, this does not have to dictate your future. The best thing you can do for yourself is to check every single transaction made at your facility 5-times more going forward. Not only will this give you the confidence you need, but you will have proof of the actions you took and changes you made should you ever have to go before a judge. It is extremely important to mention that you should let legal experts handle the case. Many times Cigna pharmacists and pharmacy managers try to fight the law themselves, believing themselves to be smarter, but this hardly ever works out in their favor.



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