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national security drug trafficking defense lawyers

June 30, 2020

Drug trafficking is a serious offense that can lead to years in federal prison, steep fines and a loss of civic privileges that you might otherwise take for granted. Like any offense that you have been charged with, however, you have the chance to defend yourself in court. Your defense can begin after you hire an experienced drug trafficking defense attorney to represent you.

Why Hire a Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney?

Having an experienced defense attorney on retainer is critical after you have been charged with drug trafficking. You have a finite amount of time to build a defense and prove your innocence. You need to act quickly before you are scheduled to appear in court next.

Your defense attorney can work quickly yet effectively to prove that you are not guilty of the charges against you. He or she can compile evidence like video surveillance footage and eyewitness statements to substantiate that you were not involved in the crime. Your attorney can also prove that you do not have a pattern of abusing drugs or being involved with offenses of this nature.

In the event that you were involved with the offense, you still may not merit the full punishment as allowed under the law. In fact, you could merit a much lighter sentence, particularly if you have no prior arrest record or were not entirely responsible for what occurred.

Your lawyer can argue down the charges against you and possibly get you out of jail on your own recognizance or on lesser bail amount. You then would face a lesser jail sentence if you are convicted and undergo a less severe punishment. You may get probation or community service as well as a modest fine.

Still, you do not want to take your chances in court without an attorney by your side. You need to retain a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in representing drug trafficking defendants. You need to locate one who has more wins to his or her credit than losses in these kinds of cases.

Locating a Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

By law, you are entitled to legal representation if you have been charged with drug trafficking. Defendants who cannot afford an attorney typically must have one appointed to them by the court. However, if you can afford to retain one, you need to know what qualifications to look for in this type of attorney.

To start, you should look for an attorney who specializes in representing drug trafficking defense clients. You do not want to hedge the outcome of your case on a total novice. You need an attorney who knows well the drug trafficking defense laws in your state and can apply them to your case’s advantage.

You also need to find an attorney who has a good win-loss record in court. The attorney should ideally have more wins to his or her credit than losses. You can ask your attorney for proof of his or her win-loss record during your initial consultation.

If you are not sure of how to find a criminal defense attorney who specializes in drug trafficking defense cases, you can call your state bar for a referral. Most state bars will give free referrals for criminal defense attorneys. They can also refer you to one who handles federal drug charges if you have been charged at the federal level.

Finally, you should go online and look at the review of clients who have retained and received services from the drug trafficking defense lawyer that you are interested in hiring. The reviews that you find online can be indicative of what kind of representation that you can receive from the same attorney. They can infer whether or not you will win your case if or when you go to trial.

Having an experienced and assertive drug trafficking defense attorney on retainer after being charged is critical to you winning your case. You have the right to go to court with an attorney by your side.

You may be able to beat the charges against you by having an attorney argue for you in court. You can find the best drug trafficking defense attorney to represent you by checking out reviews online and by asking the state bar for a referral.



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