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June 30, 2020

Covid-19 has changed the way people experience life and operate business. More people, institutions, and companies are turning to the internet to conduct their dealings. However, despite the opportunities that arise from the use of the internet, there are still several dangers of using technology. One of those dangers is cybercrime.

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is defined as a criminal activity that involves the use of a computer to commit crimes like spamming, hacking, and phishing. These crimes can also be committed using a networked device or a computer network. Cybercriminals use these methods to access business trade secrets, and personal information. These data is then used for malicious purposes.

Specific examples of cybercrime are Identity fraud, cyber extortion, ransomware attacks, and cyber espionage, among others. Data security breach lawyers break down cybercrimes into two categories;

• Criminal activities that utilize computers to commit the crimes
• Criminal activities that target devices or computer networks.

The breakdown of these categories makes it possible to identify the crime and proceed accordingly. It also enables the lawyer to come up with a strategy they can use to help their clients.

How Do You Identify Data Security Breach?

The first and most crucial step of preventing cybercrime is by identifying data security breaches. Here are some things you should look out for when identifying a security breach.

Common Compromise Indicators

Cyberattack indicators differ depending on the crime. There are, however, common red flags you can use to look for a data breach. These red flags are reduced operating speeds, unusual logins, unexplained traffic, unusual command prompts, malfunctioning security software, and the use of suspicious software.

Other signs you should look at out for are new firewall ports, new admins, and new devices on your computer networks. Once you have any of these signs, it’s essential to call your cybersecurity firm to fix them.

Checking the Vulnerabilities

Outdated and un-patched systems are often prone to more cyber-attacks compared to other systems. The reason for such vulnerability is because of advanced malware forms don’t have a difficult time exploiting these systems. By checking whether your system is vulnerable, you also get to identify any security breaches.

You also get to stay ahead and prevent malware from targeting your systems, especially during its booting process.

Regular Assessments

Regular cyberattack assessments offer threat prevention and security by helping to expose the vulnerabilities in your system. It also enables you to detect malware and identify devices that are at risk. You also get the opportunity to analyze the strength of your firewall. The better the strength of your firewall, the lower the probability of any data breaches.

Regular assessments also analyze your system’s user productivity, making the apps you run on your system apparent. This then increases the visibility and control of the apps. Lastly, regular assessment of your network offers insight into the performance and network utilization, bandwidth usage, and sessions during the entire period of use.

Why Should You Consult a Data Security Breach Lawyer?

What happens when a data breach occurs? Well, most companies and institutions don’t know what to do beyond this point. However, this is where the services of a data security breach lawyer come in handy. A data breach attorney will help you to;

Identifying the Breach

The first step of helping you deal with any data breach is identifying the breach. A data security breach lawyer will want to know everything that happened before and after the attack. Your attorney will also want to know the information the data thieves took. The information you offer your lawyer will help prove helpful in coming up with a remedy.

Identify the Scope of the Breach

Your lawyer will help you identify the scope of the data breach. This is an important step, as it determines the legal option that should be used during the investigation.


Your attorney will help you document certain aspects of the breach you want to make public. With your lawyer’s help, you can also keep certain elements of the breach confidential.

Cybercrime is rapidly growing around the world. Having the right tools and lawyers behind you can help protect your customers and employees from any fallouts that may arise from data breaches. It also gives you an upper hand in handling the entire issue legally.



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