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National security bribery defense lawyers

June 30, 2020

Bribery is the voluntary offer to receive gain in the presence of extortion by some form of coercion. One priority of the government is to keep the nation safe from domestic and international threats and attacks. The entire country is affected by national security.

Crimes against the government can include treason, sabotage, and espionage. Other crimes against the government are perjury, obstruction of justice, and bribery.

If you are suspected of national security bribery, there are legal actions that will ensue. Seeking advice from a national security bribery defense lawyer can help you understand the full legal implications of a national security bribery crime.

Bribery of Public Officials

It is illegal when someone directly or indirectly gives or promises to give, a public official something of value with corrupt intent. The intent to try to corruptly influence a public official is prohibited by law.

What makes an action corrupt? An action is considered corrupt if it has an unlawful purpose. Bribery o the intent to bribe a public official is unlawful. Those included under “public official” include the following:
• Any officer, agent, or employee of the U.S.
• Any department, branch, or agency of the federal government
• Jurors sitting on a federal jury

For a bribery crime, everyone listed above falls under the jurisdiction of a public official.

Gratuity to a Public Official

Illegal gratuity to a public official is prohibited. To prove illegal gratuity there has to be a relationship between the item of value given to a public official, and a specific act that was granted in return of the favor.

Bank Officer Bribery or Reward

Providing a gift or attempting to give a gift to a bank officer in connection with a business transaction is unlawful. Any employee, director, attorney, or financial institution is considered a “bank officer.”

An example of bank officer bribery is offering a loan officer gifts for approving loans with favorable conditions.


The agreement to engage in criminal conduct with one or more people is considered a conspiracy. To be charged with conspiracy, one must know of the intent of the conspiracy crime. Although initial intent must be known, full details of the crime do not have to be known to be charged.

In a conspiracy crime, by law, the person involved is charged as the agent of all other people involved in the crime. What does this mean? It means that person charged is liable under criminal law for every co-conspirator’s actions as if they were his/her own.

Someone can still be charged with conspiracy, even if the illegal intentional goal did not completely happen. As long as one action is taken to complete the conspiracy, you can be charged with the crime.

What Are the Bribery Penalties?

Federal prison terms and fines are associated with bribery charges. Different penalties are dependent on set charges. Bribery of a public officer can lead to up to 15-years in prison. A criminal fine up to three times the value of the bribe. is enforced by the law.

Illegal gratuity to a public official can lead to a prison term of up to 2-years, as well as a criminal fine. The bribery or reward of a bank officer penalty depends on the amount of the bribe. If the bribe is valued at more than $1,000, you can face up to 30-years in prison. Also, a $1M fine or three times the value of the bribe (whichever is greater). If the bribe is valued at less than $1,000, the penalty is up to 1-year in federal prison and fines.

Conspiracy charges are dependent on intentional crime. Many bribery crimes are considered felonies. Due to the level of a felony charge, conspiracy crimes can lead to a maximum of 5-years in federal prison. Bribery conspiracy charges also warrant fines.

If a conspiracy charge is a misdemeanor, there is a maximum penalty equivalent to the level of the crime.

National Security Bribery Defense Lawyers

The best defense against any bribery case is to seek the counsel of a defense lawyer. Federal criminal charges will require a federal defense lawyer. You want to seek counsel from someone who has experience outside of state court.



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