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Long Island Sex Crimes Lawyer

July 18, 2017

A criminal sex accusation always results in severe consequences even if you may not be convicted in the end. At the Long Island Sex Crime Lawyers, our defense lawyers or criminal attorneys have the necessary experience and knowledge to pursue every means to have your name cleared with aggression. In Long Island, a sex crime is any felony or misdemeanor of any sexual crime. Sex crime often includes anything from forcible rape to any form of touching or grabbing your genitals in public to annoy them.

Common Long Island Sex Crimes
The most common sex crimes in Long Island defended include( but are never limited to):
• Date rape
• Child sexual abuse
• Indecent exposure
• Failure to register as a sex offender
• Lewd conduct
• Lewd acts with a child
• Possession of child photography
• Oral copulation by force
• Rape
• Prostitution
• Soliciting a prostitute
• Sexual battery
• Statutory rape

Consequences of Sex Crimes in Long Island
In addition to a prison or a jail term, long Island sex crime conviction requires you to register at the Long Island Law site. There are also additional consequences if your charge is classified as a felony. The consequences of your charge are classified as a felony include:
• Ban on possessing a firearm
• The obligation to disclose such convictions on application employment.
• Inability or difficulty to get Long Island Conviction expunged.

Legal Defenses on Sex Crimes in Long Island
Defenses to Long Island sex crimes charges and allegations include (but not always limited to):
• The sexual activity was done consensually
• No contact or sexual contact occurred during the allegation
• It was a false accusation of if you were the sex crime victim
• You had a reasonable or honest belief that the accuser consented to the sexual activity
• There is lack of enough evidence supporting the sexual crime.
• Mistaken identity or eye witness identification
You should always be aware that even if you were too intoxicated with alcohol or drugs is not a legal defense to the sex crimes in Long Island especially when the intoxication was voluntary. Our sex crime lawyers are always available to offer you with unparalleled free consultation sessions so as to discuss with them the possible defenses for your sex crime.

Strategies for Defending Sex Crimes
Some criminal or sexual crime defense lawyers always wait until the formal charges have been opened to commence their representation or defense. This is not the case with us. We believe the allegations of sexual misconduct always demand an early intervention as well as an independent investigation. This proactive, aggressive approach has awarded us with a proven record in the defense for our highly-esteemed clients. The strategies that we often employ to defend our clients include (but not always limited to):

1. Negotiation with Law Enforcement
Long Island law enforcement department always takes the sexual crimes seriously. In most cases, they always arrest the people to question them later. However, the only thing that you need to do to have the charges dropped is to have our experienced attorneys say the other side of the story.

2. Private Investigation
Most accusers always misinterpret many sexual situations. In most cases, they identify the wrong person by mistake. In rare occasions, they often engage in lying. We always work with the best private investigators based in Long Island. We always investigate the accuser, the crime scene, as well as the witnesses. If a witness or an accuser has a bias or is not credible, we will often uncover it to change the direction of the case. The investigations conducted by our experts often turn up certain conditions such as the lighting or distance from the crime scene that often makes it difficult for the eye witness unreliable.

3. Private Polygraph Testing (lie detector)
Polygraph tests are one of the most common tools used by law enforcement agents to lure you to apologize for the crime. These tests are often used in trials to prove that the accused is guilty. However, the private polygraph tests are often one of the most useful tools to fight sex crime cases in Long Island. The prosecutor has shoed the result if the client shows that they are telling the truth. We will keep them private if the results are unfavorable for the customer case. The prosecutor will be prevented from knowing if the test was conducted.

4. Pre-trial Motions and Advocacy
Most Long Island sex crimes cases never proceed to trial sessions. On rare occasions, the accused will plead guilty to beg for a less lenient sentence. However, you can always work to get the evidence suppressed with the most proactive defense attorney. On the other hand, our law firm will convince the prosecutor that the case is too weak or the client is innocent.

If you or your loved one is charged with a sexual crime in Long Island, we invite you to talk to us to schedule a free consultation session.



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