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Long Island Patronizing Prostitution Lawyer

July 18, 2017

Patronizing a prostitute and prostitution is an illegal action on Long Island. It is also illegal in Long Island to promoting or pimping prostitution in the area. Much of the Long Island Law is not different from other states such as the profound misdemeanor consequences that are in conjunction with charges of prostitution but has a higher charge for the pimping felony. However, Long Island has a unique provision for prostitution that increases the penalties for patronizing or prostituting a prostitute within 1.5 miles radius of a K-12 school for children or 100 feet radius of a church.

Soliciting or patronizing a prostitute is one of the most embarrassing actions as well a shameful charge. Since this type of allegation or charge, even when you never get convicted of these charges, you can have a damaging impact that can never be revoked on your life and good name. For this reason, it is imperative to seek immediate consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer with an immediate effect whenever you are facing the charges or get arrested.

In many occasions, many of the cases concerning patronizing prostitutions arrests occur after a law enforcement entrapment or a simple misunderstanding, for this reason, it is imperative to seek the advice of an experienced Long Island attorney as your priority to increase the chances of winning the case. While you may have exchanged money with the prostitute or not, you must remain patient and silent and wait for your attorney to arrive.

What is Patronizing a Prostitute
The explanation to understand the term patronizing a prostitute is essentially attempting to pay or paying a prostitute to have them accept to engage in sexual activity. This form of money exchange does not have to include the solid traditional cash. However, there must be a form of exchange of something that holds value or used to tender for it to act as a course of patronizing a prostitute. It is also possible to be arrested for the charges concerning patronizing prostitution if you attempt to pay for any sexual activity. Even if you agreed to pay for sexual activity that never took place in the first place, you are in to face charges concerning patronizing prostitution because there is a clear agreement or transaction.

Soliciting a Prostitute
Soliciting a prostitute is a charge that is similar to patronizing a prostitute. If you are in a position trying to lure someone to engage in sexual activity with you in exchange for something that holds value or real money, then that crime qualifies to be classified as soliciting a prostitute. Depending on the circumstances that surround your allegation or case, there are many other charges that you may be facing as a result of soliciting prostitution. Any case that involves an individual who tries to pay someone for sexual activity to take place between them, that action is considered as patronizing or soliciting a prostitute.

Sex for Money of Something that Holds Value
On many occasions, soliciting o patronizing prostitution has everything to involve money. However, that is not always the case. Anything in this world that has value or monetary value that I in for trade in exchange for sexual activity or sex is always considered a tender in patronizing any case concerning prostitution. It is also not hidden to see legal or illegal drug prescriptions used to patronize cases concerning prostitution. Jewelry, as well as many other valued items, can be used.

Embarrassment and Shame or Patronizing Charge
In many cases that involve prostitution, unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount of embarrassment and shame that works along with potential conviction and arrest. This occurs in cases where the accused are members of prominent families in a community. This charge is often embarrassing and devastating to the individual. After any charge that involves prostitution, you must be fast enough to talk to an experienced Long Island defense lawyer with an immediate effect to ensure the ball rolls to defend you. While you want to avoid any possible jail term or any other associated charges, you also want to clear your name and evade the shame associated with patronizing or soliciting prostitution.

Know Your Rights
As it is with any other arrest, it is vital for the accused understand and exercise their rights. You must always be silent. You are also protected from self-incrimination. This means you don’t have to engage in conversations with an investigator or an interrogator until your attorney arrives. Many people fall into the need to help prove they are innocent as it is a trap. There is always nothing wrong with saying you don’t want to answer any questions.

After being arrested on a prostitution charge, ensure you contact your Long Island defense attorney immediately. If you are also charged or arrested for soliciting a prostitute or patronizing a prostitute or any other charges, contact the Long Island defense attorneys because they are skilled and proven for success.



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