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March 23, 2020

If you are a physician, physician assistant, or other practitioner within the medical community, chances are you have heard of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, better known as the OPMC. A regulatory agency given extensive investigative powers, the OPMC is responsible for conducting investigations into allegations of misconduct on the part of medical professionals. While this may sound like something that will never apply to you, don’t be too sure. Since this agency is not bound by any type of statute of limitations, it is possible you could find yourself under OPMC investigation for something that allegedly took place decades ago. Should this happen, the loss of your license and career will be at stake. Because of this, never simply turn to the first lawyer in the phone book to help you. Instead, rely on experienced Long Island OPMC lawyers for guidance each step of the way.

Does the OPMC Only Investigate My Professional Life?
While you would think the answer to this question would be yes, it is in fact the opposite. Hard as it may be for you to fathom, the OPMC can and will investigate any and all aspects of your personal and professional lives in order to complete its findings on whatever allegations are made against you. Thus, expect not only your finances to be under close scrutiny, but also any activities you pursue in your free time, the friends you have, your marital relationship, and even how others perceive your mental state. Since it can take only one person making an outlandish claim against you to set the wheels in motion for your career to be ruined, never allow this to happen. Instead, consult as fast as possible with Long Island OPMC lawyers who will work hard to protect your rights.

What About Workplace Allegations?
If you happen to be a medical practitioner who owns your own practice, you will face additional scrutiny from the OPMC. Along with investigating your personal and professional life, the agency will also investigate matters pertaining to how you run your business. Thus, should you have a disgruntled employee who decides to make claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, or the creation of a hostile work environment, you can expect OPMC investigators will come calling at your practice’s front door. Once they do, never try to deal with them on your own. Instead, immediately hire Long Island OPMC lawyers and let them handle discussions with agency investigators.

Electronic Communications
In today’s day and age, we live in a world where much of our communication is done electronically through emails, text messages, and over social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Should you be placed under OPMC investigation, expect all forms of electronic communication you have used to be scrutinized by investigators. In fact, anything from blogs to social media postings to emails and text messages will be looked at for any inappropriate or incriminating language. Along with looking for any communication about patients, OPMC investigators may also look to these forms of communication for information related to student loan payments, bankruptcies, or default judgments made against you, since these could indicate financial wrongdoing on your part. Rather than feel as if you must sit back and be at the mercy of these investigators, turn to Long Island OPMC lawyers for help immediately.

Don’t Let Your Constitutional Rights be Violated
When OPMC investigators place you under their microscope, one of their main goals will be to convince you that your rights in these investigations are virtually nonexistent. However, this is not the case from a legal standpoint. Even though the OPMC will attempt to deny you such things as the right to legal counsel, a speedy trial, impartial hearing, and the right for you and your attorneys to have access to the discovery process, the fact is you do indeed have a right to all of these and much more. Since each of these rights can be critical in helping you win your case, never let OPMC investigators gain the upper hand against you. Instead, contact experienced Long Island OPMC lawyers at once to schedule a consultation.

Ethical Standards
Since you as a healthcare professional are bound by various ethical standards, you assume investigators with the OPMC are as well. While this may technically be true, they rarely abide by these standards during the course of an investigation. Thus, you can expect to be bombarded with threats and other intimidation tactics in an effort to get you to admit any allegations against you are true. However, since you are innocent, never admit fault for something you have not done. Instead, put OPMC investigators on the defensive by scheduling an immediate consultation with experienced and knowledgeable Long Island OPMC lawyers who can and will protect your rights from start to finish.



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