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June 30, 2020
Getting An Inexpensive Lawyer For A ZPIC Audit Is Possible
A ZPIC (zone program integrity contractor) is someone who checks up on medical employee suspects of identity fraud, medicare fraud, and several other types of fraud. Sometimes, the medical employee won’t even know someone is watching them. Other times the ZPIC professional may build a relationship with the suspect to learn more about him/her.

Zone program integrity contractors came onto the scene after an upscale in fraud from medical employees. These employees range from nurses and aides to doctors, and the crimes range from intentional identity theft to an aide making a mistake and sending an invoice to the patient for three times the amount of the procedure/service. Most crimes committed in the healthcare field involve money, which is why ZPIC professionals perform their own audits when investigating individuals. If you find yourself being audited and investigated by ZPIC, you should contact a criminal defense attorney promptly. There are also several exciting ways to find the perfect ZPIC audit attorney.

ZPIC Violations Are Common

Though it is nothing to brag about, ZPIC violations happen every day, and these types of court proceedings are heard every week. All you have to do is take a walk downtown and find some literature about the hottest attorneys in town. This becomes obvious when you see the same names and faces on billboards and posters over and over again. You should contact each attorney that you come across in this manner. Each of these attorneys will have a different record in the courtroom regarding ZPIC, and they will all have a different roadmap to get you to victory, but it will be a great experience.

Contact Your Local Bar Association

Every county has a bar association. One of the main reasons bar associations exist is to help every person find the perfect attorney for their legal problems. It would be wise to contact them regarding their opinion. However, when contacting your local bar association, it is important that you be as specific as possible. Of course, you don’t want to give away to many details to a receptionist, but you should tell the receptionist why ZPIC might be investigating you, whether or not the situation has risen to the level of a criminal investigation yet, and what you are trying to accomplish with the right attorney. This will better your chances at finding the right counsel who will take and win your case. The bar association also has every attorney in the county listed, so they may have more information than what you will find online.

You Can Count On Raiser And Kenniff

The Raiser And Kenniff law firm has been practicing defense law for over a century. Though they are involved in several areas of practice, one of their main specialties is defending medical workers on fraud charges. Whether it’s a ZPIC audit, a traditional audit, and anything else, Raiser And Kenniff attorneys all have some kind of knowledge as to how audits work and what the government has the right to do. This allows the attorneys to always stay one step ahead of the investigators and prosecutors.

Don’t Forget The Free Stuff

It’s important to remember that even if you cannot afford an attorney you will be afforded a public defender. If you do not like your public defender, you will have the right to choose a different one. You should take advantage of every free legal service available to you, especially if you cannot afford an out-of-pocket lawyer. You can also contact several attorneys to see if any of them will represent you pro Bono. A lot of times, if an attorney is moved by your situation, he/she will take your case on for nothing or allow you to make small payments over a long period of time.



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