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Healthcare Defense Reporting Pharmaceutical Fraud Lawyers

July 2, 2020

When it comes to various aspects of healthcare fraud, most of the emphasis is on Medicare and Medicaid and the billions of dollars in false claims made to these programs each year. However, pharmaceutical fraud is also one of the biggest areas where illegal activity takes place. Because of this, federal investigators crack down much harder on those suspected of pharmaceutical fraud. Yet in many cases, the alleged illegal activities may or may not have been intentional. If you find yourself under investigation for pharmaceutical fraud, don’t assume any lawyer will be able to win your case. Instead, turn to experienced healthcare defense reporting pharmaceutical fraud lawyers who understand how federal investigators approach these cases.

False Claims Act
Created to monitor healthcare fraud and set liability rules, the False Claims Act can apply to many different situations involved in pharmaceutical fraud. For example, if a pharmaceutical company violates Good Manufacturing Practice by violating laboratory requirements or failing to properly train its workers, this can be considered pharmaceutical fraud. Also, should off-label marketing occur where a drug is sold for purposes other than those approved by the FDA, fraud charges can also result. Due to the complexities and confusion these cases often have with them, never leave your legal fate to chance. Rather, speak to knowledgeable healthcare defense reporting pharmaceutical fraud lawyers at once to learn about your legal options.

Fraudulent Price Reporting
Perhaps more than any other type of illegal practices associated with the pharmaceutical industry, fraudulent price reporting is most likely to be the reason behind a federal investigation. Whether it is a company or individuals who choose to engage in this practice, they do so in order to charge the best price to help them profit or reduce the amount of money they owe the federal government. Regardless of the activities, investigators take a very dim view of fraudulent price reporting, since this can ultimately impact millions of people who are sick and in need of various drugs. Due to the physical harm that can come to patients and the large amounts of money the government can lose in these instances, penalties are often very severe. If you have been accused of such wrongdoing, prepare for a long and difficult legal battle by hiring respected and knowledgeable healthcare defense reporting pharmaceutical fraud lawyers to handle your case.

Kickbacks for Doctors
Since there is much money to be made in the pharmaceutical industry, doctors and pharmaceutical companies often enter into arrangements that are beneficial to both parties. As an example, if a doctor agrees to start promoting a certain drug with their patients, the pharmaceutical company stands to gain substantial profits. To give the doctor incentive to promote the drug, the pharmaceutical company will often give the doctor high-priced gifts or even cash. In other situations, pharmacists may allow persons to purchase drugs without a prescription, or may change details of prescriptions when sending in information to Medicare or Medicaid. When these or other acts take place, illegal activity begins to get the attention of federal investigators. For those who are alleged to have received kickbacks in these or other similar situations, having a legal defense that can blunt these charges will be critical to avoiding large fines or lengthy prison sentences.

Gather Evidence in Your Favor
When you are facing charges of pharmaceutical fraud related to price reporting, it will be necessary to gather as much evidence as possible to show you did nothing wrong. Especially important if other parties are also involved in the alleged illegal activity, you will need to work with attorneys who have many years of experience with these cases. Since it will take time to go over extensive financial records and other documents associated with various drugs and their prices, always rely on healthcare defense reporting pharmaceutical fraud lawyers who work with experts in this area.

Though federal investigators will put tremendous amounts of pressure on you to admit guilt, don’t give in and provide statements that are incriminating. Instead, hire healthcare defense reporting pharmaceutical fraud lawyers whom you can trust. Once you do, they can give you sound legal advice that will help you navigate your case in the best possible way.



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