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Healthcare Defense Filing Successful False Claims Act Case Lawyers

July 2, 2020

Healthcare providers are some of the essential service providers in human life. Therefore, as an established physician or founder of a healthcare facility, you are already aware that your role in life is vital. Like any other business, your healthcare business will have a share of its challenges, and when these challenges come, they hit hard. Among the challenges you are going to face in your healthcare business are accusations of fraud from the Federal Government. Whenever a healthcare business defrauds programs run by the Federal Government like Medicare, charges brought under the False Claims Act will arise. If your healthcare business gets charged for fraud under the False Accusations Act, your only savior apart from the facts you have at hand is a strong defense team. All you need in filing a successful defense is Raiser & Keinniff, PC, which comprises an outstanding team of False Claims Act Case Lawyers. The team of lawyers that form Raiser & Keinniff, PC has extensive experience in criminal law. Your case will be handled by lawyers who have been former state prosecutors hence helping you have all the confidence you require to defend your case.

Crimes which fall under the False Claims Act
Crimes that fall under the False Claims Act are those whereby the healthcare company involved either fraudulently receives funds from the Government or fraudulently doesn’t pay the Government monies owed. The most interesting part about False Claims Act cases is that people who often instigate them are within your organization. The legal name for inside persons who bring charges against your healthcare business under the False Claims is relators or whistleblowers. Some whistleblowers might sue your company on behalf of the Federal Government out of goodwill and the need to be good citizens, but most do so because of the ultimate prize. After a successful suit, whistleblowers usually get paid 15 to 30 percent of the judgment money, which is often is an outstanding amount of money.

The dilemma most healthcare providers often have is which actions then constitute crimes under the False Claims Act? Here are some examples for you. If patients under the Medicare program visit your clinic or hospital, and you happen to overbill them, the action of overbilling amounts to fraud. When sued, your healthcare business might be held liable. Also, if you bill for services that you have not provided, such actions are fraudulent, which happens to be among the highest acts of fraud that most healthcare providers engage in. Another example of fraud that healthcare service providers are often found guilty of is the falsification of their clients’ records. One major trend about most fraudulent activities by healthcare service providers is almost all activities are for economic gains.

Appropriate steps to take when sued under the False Claims Act
First and foremost, let your first call be to Raiser & Keinniff, PC. The faster you act and get a competent and experienced team on your defense, the more your chances of winning. Defending charges or any case under the False Claims Act is always a wise step for your healthcare business. Just because a whistleblower decided to sue you for their unknown reasons does not mean you have to lose the case. Raiser & Keinniff, PC have an outstanding reputation when it comes to launching a defense on behalf of their clients charged or sued under the False Claims Act. The team of healthcare defense filing successful false claims act case lawyers will help stage a competent defense. Most cases brought against healthcare businesses like hospitals and pharmacies have often been found to be out of a whistleblower’s ill intentions. An undefended suit might be regarded as a plea of guilty if it is a criminal case and an admission if it is a civil case.

Healthcare business is dependent on an excellent reputation for their continuance in business, and so is your business. A judgment in favor of the Federal Government and against your business can significantly injure your reputation, and this is something as an established healthcare provider you can’t afford. Make that call today to Raiser & Keinniff, PC, and get healthcare defense filing successful false claims act case lawyers to help your healthcare business reclaim its market status.



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