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June 30, 2020
Finding A Lawyer To Battle Against Civil Investigative Demands
When investigators initiate CID, or civil investigative demands, in the world of healthcare, defendants in these cases are most likely to feel like pulling their hair out. This is because investigators will want to look through anything and everything they can get their hands on surrounding the defendant and the healthcare incident. However, there is hope, and that is by finding an attorney who can take action against the CID initiative. It is also important to note that you are not alone. Civil investigative demands can come from simple things like not filing a specific paper with the IRS or from more complex issues like mistakingly billing an insurance company with the wrong billing codes and Xrays.

Looking For The Right Lawyer

When it comes to dealing with an attorney for a healthcare case, you should always look for a lawyer who has a background in healthcare. This doesn’t necessarily mean the lawyer has to be a doctor, but he/she should know enough about healthcare that it will be easy to understand all evidence and testimony.

Don’t Base Your Decision Off Retainer Prices

Due to healthcare cases being such a lucrative area of law, many assume they should only hire attorneys with large retainers. This is certainly not true, and, in fact, there are even several different legal services in any given city that will represent most defendants going through a healthcare battle. This also includes defendants experiencing civil investigative demands.

Take A Trip To The Courtroom

Finding an attorney hard at work is always the best way to judge him/her. You can read the local paper to find out when local healthcare cases are going to be heard in court. This will award you the opportunity to see defense lawyers in action and to decide which one, if any, will help you make it through your situation successfully. It is important to watch a variety of trials since every case has its own pros and cons for the defendant.

Raiser And Kenniff

Raiser And Kenniff have been representing healthcare defendants well over 90 years. They are unique in that they do their best to hire healthcare defense attorneys who have a strong background in general healthcare work and procedures. This allows judges and juries to see an exotic type of defense that often leads to acquittals. Regardless of the nature of the case, Raiser And Kenniff always use top investigators to look through every single aspect of evidence to point out where the defendant may not have been wrong. Raiser And Kenniff also specialize in fighting civil investigative demands for their clients. There is certain information defendants should not have to release. If a force of release is caused or intimidation used, Raiser And Kenniff will work to petition the court for an immediate dismissal. Not only have they helped individuals fight healthcare cases, but they have also helped individuals get their jobs back after being acquitted. All of the staff attorneys have won at least three awards for their outstanding work, and many of the staff attorneys have appeared on major talk shows.

Work With What You Have

If you are going through a healthcare court case as a defendant and/or your experiencing civil investigative demands, this is certainly not a good time. This is especially true if the case gets media coverage. However, regardless of what you’re going through, you always need to remember to work with what you have at your disposal. Even if you currently cannot afford an attorney, you can go to your local library and read up on healthcare cases and the state and federal laws in regards to what information the government can demand from you and/or use against you. This will help you identify any mistakes made by the government, and it may even help you develop a defense narrative. Subsequently, you can visit your local law library and get as much information as possible regarding local healthcare court cases.



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